Vegan Party Conference September 28th 29th 2024 at Kensington Town Halls

1st February 2024

Vegan Party Conference September 28th 29th 2024 at Kensington Town Halls


New Conference with a focus on activism, campaigning and skill sharing takes place in London this Autumn


The first Vegan Party Conference takes place over two days in late September later this year in the prestigious Kensington Town Halls, with a focus on activism and campaigning, sharing the platform with an abundance of food and comedy to make a unique gathering of individuals, groups, and the broader vegan community, with a clear remit to help inspire more activism within the UK right now – and further afield, with plans to livestream some if not all of this groundbreaking event.

The conference brings together activists, groups and individuals from across the wide spectrum of vegan activism and campaigning providing an informative, educational and effective broader movement that is seeing considerable success on a number of fronts. Campaign groups – both national and regional – will be represented with a weekend full of panels, presentations, debates, workshops and some spellbinding entertainment upstairs with a lineup of 12 comedians and a number of special guests over the 2 days.

‘The event has 3 clear remits – first to showcase some of the achievements within the campaigns and activism movement, second to inspire more people to get involved, get active, become supportive and engage more with the existing groups and explore different options within the scope of activism, and third to to help existing activists with a weekend of networking, skill sharing, training, motivation and inspiration – mixed in with a good dollop of vegan food, vegan comedy and some highly achieving guests.’

‘There’s a multitude of opportunities opening up to influence on a number of levels and 2024 can be a real awakening for vegan activism once again. And the likelihood of this being an election year gives the conference a further edge – held at the same time as the traditional political party conferences, the vegan party conference has one important difference – it’s not a political party, more a party party, as in having a good time, combined with what is becoming an increasingly serious side to the current campaigning in the UK.’

Tickets are priced £10 inc fees each day, or £15 inc fees for the weekend, available in the summer of 2024, allowing the conference to remain affordable and accessible, with the main stage being livestreamed and freely available, across the globe. ‘There’s some really incredible vegan activism taking place in the Uk right now, and we want to showcase that, and help inspire other people to get active. In addition, there’s some really interesting research into messaging, narratives and language that’s been conducted, and the conference will be sharing some of that too. Stall prices and tickets have been kept to a minimum to ensure a strong participation from across the movement, and a crowdfunder in April will help underpin the extra costs of the event.’

‘2023 saw a growing understanding amongst the broader vegan movement of the value of collaborations coupled with attention to language, messaging and framing based on up-to-date research, and associated training and skill shares to accompany, and this looks set to continue in 2024, and the Vegan Party Conference aims to help accelerate the process by bringing together like minded souls and celebrating the achievements whilst focusing on how to grow and how to achieve even higher. There are some terrific groups and individuals working within vegan advocacy and seeing many of them come together to focus on achieving more is inspirational at a time when the world is opening up to the benefits of plant-based diets and the way we relate to animals.’

Find out more about the conference from the website here, including information on trading. Potential participants can email [email protected] for more information