Activism and Campaigning ‘Central Focus’ for Inaugural Vegan Party Conference

25th June 2024

Activism and Campaigning ‘Central Focus’ for Inaugural Vegan Party Conference


Taking place in Central London on the weekend of September 28th 29th, the Inaugural Vegan Party Conference is set to attract up to 2,000 visitors, with vegan campaigning, animal rights activism and plant-based advocacy very much the central focus for this brand-new event which in addition sees around 40 campaigns groups attending, plus some great vegan food choices and a smattering of comedy and entertainment. A series of panels and workshops will ensure a lively and informative event ideally suited for those that are already active in vegan, animal rights and plant based circles as well as attracting new people to the movement.

‘The Vegan Party Conference sees the main vegan, animal rights and plant based groups come together with 3 clear remits


Showcase the combined achievements of multiple groups and individuals, and celebrate the collective successes of the movement
Optimise from within the current activists collective, inspire collaboration and an increase in effectiveness and engagement
Attract new people to the current activists collective and encourage people to find new ways to get active

‘Visitors to the Conference will find an uplifting, informative and inspirational schedule featuring some of the UK’s leading vegan, animal rights and plant-based campaigning groups, along with the opportunity to network with a number of individuals, movers and shakers within the movement, and the aim is to significantly increase engagement, activism and campaigning in the UK this year. And in addition, we’ll be celebrating some very special occasions this autumn, including The Vegan Society’s 80th birthday, Viva’s 30th anniversary, Animal Justice Project’s 10th birthday and Veganuary’s 10th birthday too. All this plus some top-notch vegan food available all weekend makes this an unmissable event for the modern-day vegan and animal rights activist.’

‘The Conference also aims to attract new people to existing activists’ circles, with many people who are vegan yet to get active. The Conference focuses not just on vegan street activism but also ‘armchair’ and online activism suitable for all ages, interests and abilities, as well as skill sharpening and training workshops, in addition to engaging and informative panels on a variety of topics covering a wide range of interests within the movement.’

Panels include a focus on accelerating the pace to plant-based food systems, ending the use of animals in laboratories, vegan advocacy in the health profession, supporting vegan businesses, vegan street outreach and ending the use of animals for entertainment, with a lot more topics to be featured. 2 workshop rooms will be running both days with topics such as recidivism within the movement, becoming a school speaker, and organising a vegan pot luck, and upstairs on the Celebration Stage, hosted by Karin Ridgers from VeggieVision, there’s also a chance to catch up with some of the main activist groups and some well-known individuals in the movement as well as a number of the UK’s leading vegan comedians. ‘There’s a strong social side to activism and campaigning in the UK and the Conference reflects that, with comedy, coffee, cake, a real ale bar and plenty of awesome plant-based food options ensuring a really excellent day out for all.’

‘As a movement, we are quite good at showcasing our own individual achievements, but not so often our whole collective. The Vegan Party Conference aims to celebrate the combined achievements of the movement and highlight not only what needs doing but how people can get involved and help to achieve some tangible and long-lasting results. There are many strong parts of the 21st century animal protection movement but it’s rare that we come together as one. In recent years there has been a noticeable shift towards achieving a mass movement & the Conference can help precipitate that.’

The Vegan Party Conference takes place at Kensington Town Hall, open from 10am – 7pm Saturday Sept 28th and again from 10am – 6pm Sunday Sept 29th. Tickets are on sale from August 1st priced £10 Day and £18 Weekend (+ fee) available from the website with full lineups confirmed August and September.

The Vegan Party Conference is organised by VegfestUK and sponsored by the Plant Based Treaty, Yaoh Hemp Products & Mad Promotions PR.