The VegfestUK Awards 2021, held over the last 2-and-a-bit weeks, have been yet another fantastic period in which to celebrate together some of the best products, brands, activists, charities, organisations, projects & animal sanctuaries in the business.



But alas, all good things must come to an end. And as you may have seen by tuning into Global Vegfest 2 this evening, the results are in!


In case you missed the livestream, and would like to catch up, you can watch it in the Global Vegfest 2 Event Programme, right here:



To summarise the results, the following table charts the winners and runners-up for 2021. There can only be one overall winner in each category, but a heartfelt congratulations is extended from us here at VegfestUK to every nominee – and if you’re listed below, an extra congratulations for finishing so highly in this year’s competition!


Favourite Vegan Book (2289 votes cast)  
Nominees Number of Votes
Why Veganism Matters: The Moral Value of Animals by Gary L. Francione 474
The Vegan Guide by Alex Bourke 384
Ethical Vegan: A Personal and Political Journey to Change the World by Jordi Casamitjana 285
How to argue with Vegans by Benny Malone 250
Vegan Voices by Joanna Kong 245
Think Like a Vegan by Emilia A. Leese & Eva J. Charalambides 211
Manifesto by Dale Vince 132
Brotha Vegan by Omowale Adewale (editor) 118
‘It Was In Our Hands’ MC Ronen 102
Animals in Irish Society: Interspecies Oppression and Vegan Liberation in Britain’s First Colony by Dr. Corey Lee Wrenn 88
Favourite Plant-Based Book (2453 votes cast)  
Nominees Number of Votes
The Plant-Based Athlete by Robert Cheeke & Matt Frazier 401
Everyday Vegan by Jackie Norman & Gareth Scurr 328
The Plant-Based Diet Revolution by Dr. Alan Desmond 266
Vegans Deserve Better Than A Fruit Salad by Danielle Maupertuis 265
Eating Plant-Based by Dr. Shireen Kassam & Zahra Kassam 253
The Plant Power Doctor by Dr. Gemma Newman 239
Vegan Nigerian Kitchen by Tomi Makanjuola 233
Feeding Your Vegan Child by Sandra Hood 182
Rethinking Food & Agriculture by Ammir Kassam & Laila Kassam 176
Best Bites Cookbook by Omari McQueen 110
Favourite UK Vegan Mylks (2711 votes cast)  
Nominees Number of Votes
Koko Dairy Free 546
Minor Figures 499
Glebe Farm Oat Milk 432
Good Hemp 363
Mighty Pea 251
Moma 169
Plenish 165
Plamil 140
Eco PlantMilk 89
Mlkman 57
Favourite Vegan Protein Powder (2196 votes cast)  
Nominees Number of Votes
Vivo Life 540
Huel 397
Vitally Vegan 250
Raw Sport 247
Good Hemp 240
British Hemp Co. 172
Tribe 132
Misfits Health 109
Form Nutrition 66
Neat Nutrition 43
Favourite Vegan Magazine (2487 votes cast)  
Nominees Number of Votes
Vegan Food & Living Magazine 482
Vegan Life Magazine 467
Plant Based News 418
Viva! Life Magazine 341
Growing Green 188
Outrage Magazine 176
PlantBased Magazine 144
The Vegan Magazine 114
BRIGHT Zine 85
Força Vegan Magazine 72
Favourite Vegan “Meat” (2895 votes cast)  
Nominees Number of Votes
Fry’s Family Foods 700
Vivera 518
THIS 467
Oumph! 326
VBites 240
Love Seitan 222
VFC 188
Granovita 112
Shicken 61
Omnipork 61
Favourite Vegan Fashion & Footwear (2373 votes cast)  
Nominees Number of Votes
Viva La Vegan 492
VEGAN Happy Clothing 485
Vegetarian Shoes 463
Wills Vegan Shoes 456
Anticarnist 157
Watson & Wolfe 93
Labante London 82
Lalla Wandavi 54
Lifestyle International 50
Bold Brave Viva! 41
Favourite Vegan Ice Cream (2611 votes cast)  
Nominees Number of Votes
Booja Booja 1198
Coconut Collaborative 433
ROAR 356
Northern Bloc 167
Cecily’s 94
Dappa 79
Blue Skies 77
Whole Creations 70
Fravocado 69
Perfect World 68
Favourite Animal Sanctuary (2605 votes cast)  
Nominees Number of Votes
Dean Farm Trust 660
Hillside 567
Tower Hill Stables 277
Hugletts Wood 185
Holly Hedge 182
Freshfields 154
Hopefield 132
Fleecehaven 103
Farplace 97
Favourite Global Vegan Project (2050 votes cast)  
Nominees Number of Votes
Animals Alliance Asia 334
Plant Based Treaty 319
Vegfund 267
Art of Compassion Project 263
Food Empowerment Project 228
MillionDollar Vegan 205
Vegan Adventure Holidays 191
The VIVAS Network 113
Veg’fest Morocco 107
Jiviniti Project 23
Favourite Vegan Business Support (1920 votes cast)  
Nominees Number of Votes
Vegan Society Trademark 426
Vegan Events UK 409
Beyond Animal 386
Vegan Business Tribe 180
Plant Based World Conference 130
Vegan Traders Union 113
Vegcapital 82
Vegan Trade Journal 82
Mad Promotions 64
Vegan Business Media 48
Favourite Vegan Chocolate (3058 votes cast)  
Nominees Number of Votes
Nomo 857
Moo Free 645
The Raw Chocolate Co. 430
OmBar 384
Rhythm 108 357
Doisy & Dam 228
SoFree 64
Prodigy Snacks 51
Supernature 27
Dapaah 15
Favourite Vegan Ready Meal (2321 votes cast)  
Nominees Number of Votes
One Planet Pizza 484
Lazy Vegan 465
BOL Foods 464
Soulful Foods 238
The Brook 166
Feed Me Vegan 153
Huel 122
Planty 106
Vibrant Vegan Co. 92
Favourite Vegan Supplements (1918 votes cast)  
Nominees Number of Votes
Vegums 471
Vegan Vitality 300
BetterYou 218
Veganicity 210
Omvits 173
Nourished 124
Vegetology 119
NaturesPlus 111
Together Health 106
Terranova Nutrition 86
Favourite Vegan Snack Bars (2592 votes cast)  
Nominees Number of Votes
Nakd 1190
Trek 543
Pulsin 136
Tribe 135
Meridian 129
Perk!er 120
Love Vegan by Jennifer 120
Huel 100
Vive 94
Goal Power 25
Favourite Vegan Community Project (1982 votes cast)  
Nominees Number of Votes
Vegan Camp UK 355
Plant Based Health Professionals UK 316
The Animal Rights Show 238
Vegan Organic Network 218
Vegans Against World Hunger 213
Made in Hackney 190
V for Life 178
Vegan Compassion Group 114
Plant The Land Team Gaza 81
The Vegan Approach 79
Vegan/AR Campaign Group (2894 votes cast)  
Nominees Number of Votes
Veganuary 540
Camp Beagle 421
Viva! 407
Animal Aid 401
Hunt Saboteurs 383
The Vegan Society 368
Animal Rebellion 156
Surge 134
Veggies Catering Campaign 45
Favourite Vegan Cakes & Baked Goods (2054 votes cast)  
Nominees Number of Votes
The Vegan Cakery 685
Naked Bakery 328
The Heavenly Cake Co. 274
Cookies & Scream 172
Vegan Sweet Tooth London 125
Vida Bakery 113
Greek Vegan Deli 104
Rubys of London 98
Angelic Gluten free 82
Vegan Antics 73
Favourite Artisan Vegan Cheese (2101 votes cast)  
Nominees Number of Votes
La Fauxmagerie 358
Tyne Chease 339
Naturally Vegan Food Co. 304
Honestly Tasty 291
Happy Cheeze 202
Kinda Co. 150
Nutcrafter 145
New Roots 121
Strictly Roots Vegan 105
Food by Sumear 86
Favourite Vegan Snacks, Spreads & Sweets (2161 votes cast)  
Nominees Number of Votes
Mummy Meagz 391
Jeavons Toffee 351
Eat Real Snacks 339
Cheeky Monkey 313
Free From Fellows 244
Misfits 198
Creative Nature 129
Nutcessity 95
Sesame Kingdom 63
BodyMe 38
Favourite Vegan Bodycare Products (2282 votes cast)  
Nominees Number of Votes
Eden Perfumes 960
Bare For The Skin 236
Conscious Skincare 215
The Mango Girl 171
IUVO Skincare 167
Upcircle Beauty 149
Yaoh 125
Floral Street 105
FRUU Cosmetics 79
Sakrid 75


We thank everyone, from the public voters to the organisations, activists, groups and brands in this year’s awards. You’re all winners in our eyes, so please do continue doing what you do. We all very much appreciate your efforts.




So what’s on the horizon, some of you may be wondering? Well, Global Vegfest 2 (with still a day to go tomorrow – Sunday 19th December is another packed day of livestreams remember!) is the last action of ours before the Christmas holidays, but we will be back in 2022 with lots more content, in the form of online magazine issues from Força Vegan AND Plant Powered Planet, we’ll have more Global Vegfest events…


…and if you missed the news – were returning to Olympia at The Grand in November 2022. Want to read more about that? Then click here!