Brighton 2023 Floor Plan

Available stalls


First Floor



Ground Floor



Stalls List

CAT1 The Garden Restaurants
CAT2 Plant A Foods Hong Kong
CAT4 Dirty Vurgerz
CAT6 1218 Plant Based Eatery
CAT7 Vegan Sweet Tooth
CAT8 Delice
CAT9 Greek Vegan Deli 
CAT10 Vebab It!
CAT11 Brownins
CAT12 Mel Tropical Kitchen
CAT13 De Fruit Bar
CAT14 Value Africa
CAT15 Gillies Foods
CAT16 Be Vegan Make Peace
B1 Riverford
B2 Bev’s Kitchen All Homemade
B3 Juliette’s Kitchen – All You Need
B4 Juliette’s Kitchen – All You Need
B5 Ringana
B6 Oat Avenue
B7 Hugletts Wood
B8 Hugletts Wood
C1 Yaoh
C2 New Internationalist Publications
C4 Animal Aid
C5 Dappa
C6 The Plant Based Deli
C8 Animal Aid
D2 Wrongtime Village
D3 Hownd
D4 Inzho
D6 Nordic Nutraceuticals
D7 A Little Cup Of Tea
D8 Kimchi with Everything
E2 Vegan Upcycled Crafts
E3 Plant-based Health Professionals UK (Saturday)/ Animals Asia (Sunday)
E4 For The Love of Earth   
E6 British Divers Marine Life Rescue
E7 La Fauxmagerie
E8 Omni Vegan Dog Food
F1 Labante
F2 Veganicity
F3 Terranova / Bionature
F4 Sophie’s Delights
G1 Jeavons Toffee
G2 Freedom for Animals
G3 CurlieEllie
G5 Cats Protection
G6 Wild as the Moon
G7 Eating Our Way to Extinction 
G8 Animal Justice Project
H1 The Vegan Society
H2 Stahlberg Gourmet Select AB
H3 Hunt Sabs
H4 Plant Based Treaty
H5 Cat Burglar Dough Co
H6 Clean&Natural
H7 Phytaphix
H8 Plant Based Treaty
I1 Lifestyle International
I2 Dark Matters
I3 EsQue parfum
I4 Plant Based Treaty 
I5 Lifestyle International
I6 Haskapa
I7 Fleecehaven
K2 Vegan Antics
K3 Radiant Foods
K4 Pana Organic
K5 Mindful Wealth
K6 Black Cab Cafe
K7 Chosan
K8 My Copper Cup
K9 Ray Star Books
K10 Supreme Master TV
K11 Viva!
K13 Wildly Tasty
K14 We The Free
K16 Shicken Foods
L1 Plant Life
L3 The Conscious Cosmetics Company
P11 Yogi Tea GmbH
R1 Tweedy Clothing
R2 Tweedy Clothing
R4 Nourish & Glow
R5 Mocean Fitness
R6 Mocean Fitness
R7 Viva La Vegan 
R8 Viva La Vegan 
R9 Vegan Muscle
R10 Vegan Muscle
R11 Camp Beagle
R12 The Base Vegan Retreat
R13 Charmains Kitchen
R14 Anaisarts
R15 Yours Natruly
R16 Okiiu
R17 MAD Promotions
R18 Hailu 
R19 Shea-BA Cosmetics
R20 Vegan Journey
R21 Connie’s Cakes
R22 Chef Bernies Sauces
R23 Garden Guardians CIC
R26 Farmaround Organic Box Scheme
R27 Beneath The Wood
R28 Iuvo Skincare
R29 Health & Holistics
R30 Booster Dog Treats
R31 Crown Herbal Products
R32 Vegan Organic Network
R33 Ananda Foods
R34 Animal Rebellion
R35 Plant Based Universities Campaign
R36 Living Foods for Health
R37 Achilles Chillies
S5 Intrepid Fox Publications
S6 Greenpeace
S10 The Good Pea Limited
S11 Chestnut Tree House Hospice
S12 Shimirose
S13 Notyomilk
T8 Yummy Chumz