Amanda Woodvine

Amanda Woodvine

Chief Executive - V for Life

Amanda is a qualified nutritionist, who joined VfL’s board as a trustee in 2009. Her early career was spent working in Wills and Probate law, mostly advising an older client base. After spells working for Viva! Health and the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence – and voluntary roles, including citizen advocacy – she was able to combine multiple interests in her role as Chief Executive of V for Life.




Cooking for one: Healthy cheats to keep you motivated

Many people report to V for Life that they live alone and have lost interest in cooking. Some are not motivated at all to cook for themselves, and might be down to only one meal per day. If this is you, or someone that you care for, join this talk for plenty of ideas and inspiration.

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Positively vegan for life: Empower yourself and support the wider vegan community

Veganism is part of a considered and compassionate lifestyle. This talk will empower you to speak about veganism positively to friends and family, answering even the most awkward of questions with ease. Find out what you can do to support the wider vegan community, especially those in vulnerable positions, such as care settings. Delivered by charity VfL’s Chief Executive.

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2:30pm - 3:00pm

Get active for the future you: How to be an advocate for vulnerable vegans

There are already over 6,500 vegans and vegetarians living in UK care homes. When you can no longer look after yourself, who will look after your dietary beliefs? Find out how commonplace it is for such committed vegans to be served – even ask for – animal products, and how you can help.

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