Musician & FxEctive Factor Contestant

Greenness will be competing at The FxEctive Factor as well as playing another set at the Performance Stage of the event. Here’s Greenness’ song entry for The FxEctive Factor – enjoy!

Song entry – Mother

How long have you been vegan?

I’ve been vegan for one year, and vegetarian for seven.

What’s the most important reason for you to be vegan?

Veganism is a compassionate lifestyle, it respects and honours all life on Earth. Being vegan is refusing to impose unnecessary suffering on others, and to preserve our environment and its ecosystems. To me, it’s a lot more than just a dietary choice, it’s about looking after our planet as a whole and being more humble as human beings.

What are some of your main musical influences?

I am a bit insatiable when it comes to music, and try to listen to compositions from every decade, every country and every genre, because I want to hear all sorts of weird and wonderful sounds! Currently I’m really into chamber music, acapella harmonies, Mongolian throat singing and experimental drone/ambient, but ask me the same question in two weeks and you’ll probably get a totally different answer…

Who is your favourite current vegan personality/celebrity/activist, and why?

I love Rodrigo y Gabriela, they are both fabulous vegan musicians and seem to be very kind, down to earth people as well. Thom Yorke also deserves a mention here. As for activists, Ophélie Véron from the Antigone XXI blog was very inspirational to me as she has worked tirelessly to make veganism more notorious and accessible in France, where I am from. Just 10 years ago, no one (including myself) had heard of veganism there, but now you can find lots of French vegan restaurants and cookbooks, it’s really awesome.

If you could pick one musician to go vegan, who would it be?

I would choose Björk, as she is my favourite musician and very close to nature so I think veganism would make sense with her music and values.

Explain in approximately 100 words why you have written/chosen this song, and what it means to you.

I have chosen our original song ‘Mother’. The lyrics describe the struggles of living an alternative lifestyle that doesn’t cause harm to Mother Earth and its inhabitants, and the lack of understanding that vegans often face in a world that isn’t ready to listen to their message. It also comes from a place of compassion, recognizing that these issues aren’t easy to take on board. ‘Mother’ is a very emotional song, because although I want to be enthusiastic about veganism and convey a positive attitude, I still get sad and frustrated whenever I think about the immense suffering that so many creatures endure every day, and the general indifference towards it.

What’s your message to people thinking about going vegan?

Just give it a go! It’s easier than ever nowadays. You can start by going vegetarian for a little while, and progressively cutting down dairy as well. Initiatives such as Veganuary are really helpful. I used to think a vegan diet would be very restrictive but actually, I have discovered a lot of yummy new ingredients and recipes that I enjoy eating all the time, so I don’t miss anything. Take your time, and be curious. Honestly, if a cheese-loving Frenchie can do it, anyone can!

Charity of choice

Our charity of choice is The Vegan Society.

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