Jeremy Hess

Jeremy Hess

Founder of Vegan Interactions

Jeremy brings behavioral psychology to activism.

He supports us to be comfortable discussing our veganism and to have conversations that inspire change.  His free mobile-friendly discussion guide provides a foundation for effective interactions.

Jeremy provides real life examples through street interviews on his YouTube channel.  He also helps connect like-minded people for support and collaboration on his Facebook Group.

Jeremy is a co-organizer for Anonymous for the Voiceless and a mentor for Challenge 22+.  He also produces content for the Vegan Publishers Facebook page.

When he’s not doing street interviews he’s refueling on his other YouTube channel, Vegan Vs Food.

Jeremy empowers vegans to find their voice.  Together, we will mobilize the vegan community and change the world.




Anonymous for the Voiceless

Challenge 22+

Vegan Publishers

Vegan Vs Food

12:00pm - 12:30pm

How Can You Help The Animals?

People often want to help the animals, but are unsure how to do it.  In this talk I’ll share my journey from introvert to activist and how everyone can help the animals.

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Vegan Interactions Workshop

Could behavioural psychology improve your life and help you to inspire change?  Find out during this workshop where we’ll discuss the key principles for a successful interaction. We’ll then go through common scenarios so that you can try the techniques out for yourself.

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11:00am - 11:30am

Sustainability Through Self-Care

It’s not easy staying positive in our pre-vegan world.  In this talk I’ll share tips and strategies that help me.  I’ll then open it up to the group so we can share what keeps our vegan batteries charged.

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