Mobius Loop

Mobius Loop

Musician & FxEctive Factor Contestant

Mobius Loop will be competing at The FxEctive Factor as well as playing another set at the Performance Stage of the event. Here’s Mobius Loop’s song entry for The FxEctive Factor – enjoy!

Song entry – Orion’s Law

How long have you been vegan?

Mobius Loop is managed and nurtured by singer/songwriter soul mates Alex & Katie, who are celebrating 5 years of being vegan in March 2018.

What’s the most important reason for you to be vegan?

We chose to become vegan as a form of protest against the mass-slaughtering and exploitation of animals.

What are some of your main musical influences?

Our music is inspired by world folk traditions from any and all cultures.

Our lyrics are inspired by the many philosophical debates we have had together and with others on topics such as ethics, metaphysics and epistemology.

Who is your favourite current vegan personality/celebrity/activist, and why?

Our favourite vegan activism is the many nameless activists who are rescuing animals from suffering and exploitation every second of every day.

If you could pick one musician to go vegan, who would it be?

Eminem! He has an attentive global audience, he is an incredible lyricist and he desperately needs a new direction for his concepts!

Explain in approximately 100 words why you have written/chosen this song, and what it means to you.

Orion’s Law is named after the ancient hunter Orion depicted globally in ancient myths and celestial constellations. The song lyrics explore the notion of 21st century mass animal farming verses an ancient idea of hunting to survive. The song contrasts these two ideals and suggests that the hunter Orion is appalled at the modern treatment and enslavement of animals. In the song, Orion the hunter calls for everyone to go vegan for freedom and points out that contemporary ethics and modern nutritional empirical evidence now shows us that we do not need to hunt animals to survive.

What’s your message to people thinking about going vegan?

Watch Peter Singer talking with Richard Dawkins about the ethics of eating animals and see how top ethicists and biologists cannot justify mass breeding and slaughtering animals. Watch ‘Land Of Hope and Glory’, a video on youtube showing what happens inside of UK slaughterhouses. Know that the largest collection of nutritionists: The British and American dietic associations state that a well planned vegan diet is healthy for all stages of life including pregnancy, lactation and infancy.

Nominated charity

We would like our charity to be the ‘Green Paw Project‘.

Mobius Loop are very proud to have been supporting the ‘Green Paw Project’ for the past few years, joining their creative family and helping the tribe to raise money for their animal welfare charity by performing our songs and hosting Hemp Redemption at ‘Audio Farm Festival’ and ‘One Tribe Festival’,  superb 100% vegan music festivals hosted every year in the UK. Green Paw Project goes where veterinary care is needed most and set up a temporary, free veterinary clinic for all local, wild and domesticated animals.


Mobius Loop

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The FxEctive Factor vegan talent contest

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