Tips for Exhibitors

How to get full value out of exhibiting at VegfestUK events

First of all, we take this opportunity to thank all our previous and current stallholders for making VegfestUK shows so vibrant and popular since their inception – you have been amazing for us and without your contribution VegfestUK would never have got to the position it finds itself in today.

We recognise also that for many of our current stallholders as well as any prospective stallholder, it is a big outlay to continue exhibiting at these events, so we have taken the time to compile this short manual to help you get full value out of your VegfestUK experience. 

To make the most of your time as a stallholder at VegfestUK events, bear in mind that the shows have 3 main values:

  1. sales
  2. trade
  3. marketing

In order to get the best of your investment, we recognise that a show of this size is a considerable investment, not only with the stall price but also extras such as travel and accommodation, wages, parking, admin, packing and unpacking, and various other expenses and hard work that goes into a successful exhibition.

To help especially news stallholders and startups make the best of your investment, here are a few tips to consider: 

1) Use your complimentary tickets (2 for Sunday), either as a giveaway on social media*, or to invite prospective clients for your business

* usual deadline for public giveaways to end is approximately a month before the event – we suggest contacting us at least 2 months before the event to request complimentary tickets.

2) Tell everybody about the show in advance (included in your stall price is a FB post and Tweet from the VegfestUK social media accounts), so they know where to come and find you 


3) Come up with a good special offer or freebie, before the show; we’ll publicise that through our event programme and show website

Make your special offer unique to the event; BUY ONE GET ONE FREE’s and other specials naturally draw people to your stall on the day. 

4) Dress up your stall to make it stand out and look good (with e.g. pop-up banners, coordinated costumes, etc)

5) Offer free samples to visitors at the show

6) Make the most of your marketing opportunities via a good flyer to hand out to anyone who passes your stall – even if they’re not stopping to look

 7) Consider doing a blog / vlog about the event beforehand, with pics to bring alive you and your products to prospective customers

Everybody blogs these days (well, literally in the current age) – they’re easy to share and get people talking about you before the event even begins!

See this one as an example 

 8) Get in touch with vegan vloggers in advance – they’re easy to find, and there’re loads out there! Invite them to your stall at the show, and maybe offer free sample for their own readers

Below are a list of red-hot vegan vloggers with plenty of dynamic content on their Youtube channels:

The Friendly Activist
Erin Janus
Plantbased News
Hench Herbivore
Compassionate Living

The Vegan Activist
Tim the Human
Earthling Ed
Vegan Geezer
Vegan Revolution
Banana Warrior Princess
Vegan Speak
Rehana Sara Jomeen

Banana TV
Holly Brown Fit
Cheap Lazy Vegan
Damien Does
Joey Carbstrong
Vegan Trix
Mic the Vegan

That Vegan Couple
Vegan Gains

Please note: of course this is not an exhaustive list, as there are indeed many quality vegan vloggers out there…

9) Include signup lists at the shows to broaden your client base

With at least 10,000 visitors at each VegfestUK event,  and approximately 40% of them being new to VegfestUK (according to previous visitor surveys), where better to pick up new clients? 

Signup lists could be compiled either with the conventional pen and paper, or (at indoor events) electronically with the aid of a secure internet connection booked in advance with the venue. 

10) Be happy, approachable, positive – with as many positive interactions with visitors and other stallholders as possible

VegfestUK is as much about partying and celebrating a whole experience of being vegan all under one roof with plenty of like-minded souls, as is about selling and marketing, and who doesn’t like an infectious smile that melts the hearts of many?  

11) Networking with other stallholders at the event

With the sheer amount of stallholders many of whom are super-friendly and welcoming, VegfestUK is a hotbed of opportunities for hooking up with prospective stockists / clients!

12) Make sure to take live pictures of your time at VegfestUK and post them on your social media as it happens

It’s the best way to bring alive your experience live at VegfestUK!