Veganuary party

Reunion party on the Sunday for Veganuary participants in 2018 - scheduled between 1:30 - 3:30pm on the Stage.

The organisers of the UK’s biggest vegan festivals VegfestUK extend a big welcome to Veganuary – one of the hottest vegan outreach groups in the UK and arguably on the planet right now – at their upcoming Brighton event, with a Veganuary-themed party scheduled on the Sunday afternoon March 25th 2018 to welcome participants of this year’s Veganuary pledge with open arms.

Welcoming Veganuary participants, team ambassadors are a whole host of vegan food snacks and drinks, games and light music creating the perfect environment for reunions and get-togethers, followed by a joint talk by Veganuary co-founders Matthew Glover and Jane Land at the end of the party, about the success of Veganuary 2018, and Veganuary’s ongoing work in enticing people to go vegan.

The VegfestUK organisers said, “We’re obviously thrilled to have the company of the lovely Veganuary crew at our upcoming Brighton event. Veganuary is such a hit with not only the vegan crowd obviously, but also regularly being in the mainstream these days, and we’re ecstatic to witness a record number of signups for this year’s Veganuary campaign. What’s so cool about Veganuary is their welcoming and solutions-based approach to everyone in promoting veganism. And the light-hearted and warm personalities behind their dedicated team coupled with their dynamic campaign materials make them a perfect fit to a Sunday afternoon of vegan partying at our Brighton event. Big welcome to Veganuary!”

Check out Veganuary’s website for all the support and advice you need on going vegan, living vegan and staying vegan.