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Stalls in Yellow have power available to book. If you require access to power please ensure you select a yellow stall. Please do not select a yellow stall if you don’t require power. 


CAT1 Farplace Animal Rescue
CAT2 Vegan Sweet Tooth
CAT3 Gillie Foods
CAT4 Anna Loka
CAT5 Mel Tropical Kitchen
CAT6 Gourmet Poke
CAT7 Chiki Monkey
CAT8 Feed the Village
CAT9 Pure Global Trade
CAT10 Master Coffee Company
CAT12 The Happy Cow Ice Cream
A4 Suma
A5 Sophie’s Delights
A6 Lioness Coffee Co
A7 The Miggi
A8 Soy Ahoy
A9 Taste of Napoli
A10 Taste of Napoli
A11 Ray Star Books
A12 Good Carma Foods
A13 Bristol National Animal Rights Day
A14 Mr Popple’s Chocolate
A15 Vegan Compassion Group
A16 Sunryes Cakes
A17 SHAC Justice
A18 Tyne Chease
A19 Katie O’Grady Virtual Assistant
A20 – A24 Vegan Kids Fest
A26 Darkfire Hot Sauce
A27 Art Of Compassion
A28 SMTV – Film Screening
B1 Karmaceuticals
B2 Yaoh Hemp Bodycare
B3 Dark Matters
B4 Supreme Master TV
B5 Plantlife
B6 Plant Based Treaty
C1 Fleecehaven
C2 Eden Cafe Clifton
C3 Chappers Cheesecake
C4 Bia
C5 Enjoy! Chocolate
C6 Avon Wildlife Trust
D1 Neptunes Pirates UK
D2 Pris Puddings
D3 Veafy Ltd
D4 The Plantary
D5 Vegan Runners UK
D6 Creative Nature
E1 Doughnutz
E2 The Vegan Society
E3 Vegan Organic Network
E4 Lubbly Bubbly Boba Bar (Rupali)
F1 £1 Gift Stall
F2 £1 Gift Stall
F3 Farplace Animal Rescue
F4 Hugletts Wood Farm Animal Sanctuary
G1 Coppershell Animal Rescue
G2 ReRooted
G3 Vegan Antics
G4 Vegan Upcycled Crafts
G5 MYB Clothing
G6 MYB Clothing
H1 Sorai
H2 Garden Guardians
H3 Omni
H4 Lilith Natural Beauty
H5 Will’s Vegan Shoes
H6 Eco Threads
J1 Riverford Organic Farmers
J2 Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary
J3 Henna by Naheeda
J4 O’Donnell Moonshine
J5 Plant-Based Councils
J6 The Alchemy Remedy
K1 The College of Naturopathic Medicine
K2 Freedom for Animals
K3 Vegan Haven
Vanessa Sturman, Transformational Health Coach
L1 Animal Aid
L2 Fauna and Flora
L3 Animal Aid
L4 Value Africa
M1 The Pop Up Plant Shop By Andi Smart
M2 Mendip Hunt Saboteurs
M3 Minna Stoneware
CH1 Bristol District Association of Healers (BDAH)
CH2 Bristol District Association of Healers (BDAH)