Paperwork Requirements


VegfestUK Traders are required to submit their paperwork in advance of the show. This is to ensure that our events are safe for visitors, exhibitors, venue and contractors, and operating within the law.

We employ a Food Hygiene expert team to inspect all food and sampling operations before and during the event to ensure the highest standards for everyone concerned. Please take the time to complete the paperwork accurately and thoroughly before submitting, thanks, and ensure you submit before the deadline to allow time to check and feedback.



We require from all traders the following:

1. Risk Assessment [Template here]

A Risk Assessment is a document displaying the potential risks your operation could present to all persons, the assessed level of those risks and the ways in which you and your team plan to mitigate those risks.

2. Method Statement [Template here]

A Method Statement is a document that informs us as the organisers of your contact details, what you intend to sell and how you intend to sell it as well as your setup and breakdown plans.

3. Insurance Certificate including Public Liability & Employers liability cover (EL required for anyone who has staff, including volunteers on their stall)

Your insurance certificate must be in date during the period of the entire event, including setup days, and include Public Liability and Employers Liability cover to the value of:

Bristol Vegan Fayre Spring & Summer 2024:
£2 million PL & EL cover
Vegan Party Conference & London Vegan Fayre 2024:
£2 million PL & EL cover

4. CDM Plan Form must be completed before set up commences –

Bristol Vegan Fayre Spring CDM    

Bristol Vegan Fayre Summer CDM

Vegan Party Conference CDM

London Vegan Fayre CDM 


5.  All New Exhibitors – please complete this short form which goes to our H & S team to assess

Please forward all completed paperwork  by return to give us time to assess, or by the latest July 30th 2024 to :
 [email protected]

If you have exhibited with us before in 2024 and your paperwork is up to date (including insurance) you do not have to resubmit paperwork as we have this on file. Only resubmit if you are out of date or have changed your operation significantly



If you are doing food preparation, handling or sampling of food, you will need to complete this section.

Paperwork requirements can differ depending on your operation, but all paperwork from vendors intending to sell food, drink, alcohol, or include sampling operations are equally important in order to keep our visitors, event staff, contractors, yourself and your teams safe.

1. Fill in the correct form for paperwork submission and further information:

Bristol Vegan Fayre Spring  

Bristol Vegan Fayre Summer

Vegan Party Conference

London Vegan Fayre

The results of this form will go directly to our Health & Safety Management Team for processing, and they will be in touch.

Note: ALL Paperwork requested must be submitted in order to be able to trade at our events.