Floor Plan


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Stall number Exhibitor
CAT1 Vegan Sweet Tooth London
CAT2 Chiki Monkey UK
CAT3 De’Fruit Bar
CAT4 Earthling Food UK
CAT5 Gillie Foods
CAT6 Gourmet Poke
CAT7 Chickenish
CAT8 Brownins
CAT9 The Gourmet Crepe
CAT10 The Happy Cow Ice Cream
CAT11 The No Catch Co
CAT12 Red Kite Pizza
A3 Busy V Bakery
A4 Sophie’s Delight
A6 Lioness Coffee Co
A7 Greek Vegan Deli
A8 Greek Vegan Deli
A9 Supreme Master TV
A10 Chocoholics Anonymous
A11 Good Carma Foods
A12 Ray Star Books
A13 E L Williams Author
A14 St Best Caribbean 
A15 St Best Caribbean 
A18 Jordi Casamitjana
A19 Animal Rising
A20 Plant Based Universities
A21 The CHEESE Project CIC
A27 Free Gifts Stall
A28 Peace of Crystal
A29 Peace of Crystal
A30 The Art of Compassion Project
A32 Ecco Gelato
B1 Bristol Hunt Sabs
B2 Bristol Hunt Sabs
B3 Cats Protection
B4 Jeavons Toffee
C1 Yaoh Hemp Products
C2 All You Need
C3 Avon Wildlife Trust 
C4 Happy Carrot Skincare
C5 Oh Oils
C6 Health & Holistics
C7 Borneo Orangutan Survival UK
C8 PlantLife
E1 Soy Ahoy
E2 Plant Based Treaty
E3 Veg Life
E4 Plant Based Treaty
E5 Greenpeace
E6 Plant Based Treaty
F1 Animal Aid
F2 Animal Aid
F3 Organic Bex/Animals Asia Foundation
F4 Ringana
F5 Wrongtime Village
F6 Wrongtime Village
G1 MYB Clothing
G2 MYB Clothing
G3 MYB Clothing
G4 MYB Clothing
I1 Doughnutz
I2 Doughnutz
I3 RebelRox kitchen
I4 Yanga Natural
I6 Vegan Antics
J1 Kasa Chirorpractic
J2 Vegan Business Tribe
J3 Freedom for Animals
J4 Phytaphix
J5 College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM)
J6 Energise and Thrive Plant Based
K1 Iuvo Skincare
K2 Camp Beagle
K3 Viva La Vegan
K4 Viva La Vegan
K5 Viva La Vegan
K6 Viva La Vegan
L1 Beagle Freedom Project UK
L3 Viva!
L4 Omni Pet


Catering stalls



The Hall