We have a Donorbox account that we can accept donations with, and we are currently fundraising for our vegan outreach event The Bristol Vegan Fayre September 2nd 3rd 2023 which is FREE to the public


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Welcome to the  ‘Bristol Vegan Fayre 2023′ Fundraising Page 

The Bristol Vegan Fayre returns to Bristol at Document Pennywell Lane September 2nd 3rd  2023 for a huge vegan event that is FREE to the public. 

Your support – either with a one off donation or with a monthly regular donation – is essential to help keep the event free and become one of the biggest free vegan outreach event in the UK in 2023 – and beyond

Thousands of people are expected to attend the event over the weekend, many of them new to the vegan way of life, and with your help we’ll be introducing thousands of people to the vegan lifestyle. 

Please do support us as we reach out to attract people new to plant based diets to come and sample the best of our way of life for the weekend!

Free entry to the event for the public 

“Three main reasons – we want to support vegan independent businesses, charities, campaigns and individuals during these challenging times and a huge crowd will do just that – and what better way to ensure a big crowd than make the event free to attend?

 Importantly too – we recognise the current climate crisis facing us all and the part than animal agriculture plays in emissions and pollutants, and there is a real drive to adopt plant based lifestyles in the quest for net zero. Welcoming in thousands of people new to plant based options with free admission is our way of trying to help accelerate this process whilst we have the chance. 

But thirdly – it’s our 20th anniversary and people everywhere have had a tough time recently – and that’s ongoing. We hope a big vegan party that’s free to attend in the middle of Bristol this  Summer is some genuinely good news for people and help celebrate and look forward to a fabulous event in the summer that is set to really celebrate in style on multiple levels. It may be tough times but for us it’s party time too and we’re hard at work already planning the biggest vegan party in Bristol for a long time!”



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