Global Vegfest 1: September 18th & 19th 2021




9:00 BST

Vegan Business Tribe: How to have a successful vegan business


By David Pannell


There has never been a better time to launch a vegan business. Interest in vegan and plant-based is at an all-time high but with so many huge brands now entering the market, how can you launch a vegan business that is ethical but also financially viable? David Pannell is a vegan entrepreneur and co-founder of Vegan Business Tribe, an online community of over 1,000 vegan businesses. In this live seminar, David will show you how having a vegan business might be the best bit of vegan activism you ever do – and how to make sure you create a business with the best chance of succeeding in a growingly-competitive market.





10:00 BST

Vegan Business Tribe: Launching a vegan business


David Pannell (host)

Mitali Deypurkaystha

Keith Lesser

Trevor Banerjee


David Pannell from Vegan Business Tribe leads a lively panel discussion with four people who started their own vegan business to find out how they did it. Featuring Keith Lesser from Vegan Accountants, Steve Hutchins from DoGood Vegan Dog Food, Mitali Deypurkaystha from Let’s Tell Your Story Publishing and Trevor Banagee from The Freedom Switch. We ask: what’s stopping more vegans from launching their own businesses? Do you need to have money to start your own company? What should you do in the run up to starting, and what do our panelists wish they had done different?




11:00 BST

Vegan Activism across Asia & in North Africa


Leila Dehghan (host)

Ellie Nakajima

Angel Lau

Ailya Khan

Simohamed Bouhakkaoui


Creating a vegan world happens when activists from around the globe come together, share their skills and resources and empower each other.

Join our panel discussion to meet vegan activists from four different countries – 3 are members of the Animal Alliance Asia – to find out about their work, their challenges and achievements.

“Animal Alliance Asia believes that empowering and amplifying the voices of local advocates is important to build a culturally appropriate and relevant animal justice movement from within Asia.”





12:30 BST

Diet & COVID-19; is there a link?

By Shireen Kassam


In this talk Shireen will bring you up to date on the science supporting a healthy diet for reducing the burden of COVID-19. She will highlight how diet impacts our ability to fight infection and which foods and nutrients are known to support the immune system.


13:00 BST

Modern day considerations for Millennials, Gen Y & Gen Z

By Sunni Patel


This talk will discuss the trends, influences and modern-day diets in younger generations, the health aspects of a plant-based diet when exploring modern day issues around mental health, gut health and other health concerns from these younger generations. The talk will also then cover considerations for health care professionals in distilling advice to younger patients and how to ensure impactful change and compliance.


13:30 BST

Nutrients of concern on a vegan diet

By Rohini Bajekal


This talk by nutritionist Rohini Bajekal highlights the key nutrients to be aware of on a vegan diet and how to thrive and sustain this way of eating in the long-term. We will look at B12, Vitamin D, protein, iron, calcium, zinc, iodine and omega-3 fats. Learn how to obtain these important nutrients from plant-based foods, practical ways to increase intake and when supplementation is a good idea.






14:30 BST

Força Vegan: Global Vegan Activism


Tim Barford (host)

Nella Giatrakou

Benny Malone

Samarjenna Kamal

Tivai Seyenam

Roger Yates

Simohamed Bouhakkaoui


Welcome to the Força Vegan Global Vegan Activism panel – a light hearted get together with some of the activists featured in Força Vegan Online Magazine during 2021. Catch up with the latest news and views from around the world of Global vegan Activism with these pioneering and innovative activists in a lively and uplifting session hosted by Tim Barford – editor of Força Vegan.





16:00 BST

Bridging the gap between racial divides in veganism


Naijha Wright-Brown (host)

Priyanka K. Naithani

Erin Sinnaeve

Gwenna Hunter

Leila Dehghan


Racial divides within the vegan movement have come to the fore in recent times, as more people of colour speak out about the lack of inclusion and diversity, particularly in mainstream organisations and campaigns.

In this panel, serial entrepreneur and speaker Naijha Wright-Brown will host a discussion looking into impactful action plans to overcome these types of issues in the mainstream vegan movement and what the term ‘White Ally’ really means.


16:30 BST

Gatherers Over Hunters: How war and patriarchy shaped human culinary history


By Nivi Jaswal


Nivi Jaswal presents an evidence-based historical tour of how war, hunting for fame and glory fuelled the tropes of “meat, masculinity and military” that we’ve come to deeply believe in. This is a story of how animal-based consumer behaviors and habits aren’t just a matter of individual “choice & rights”, rather a function of an undercurrent of collective Carnist consciousness that has been meticulously built over time. Once we know the bloodied underbelly of this Animal Industrial Complex, it’s easy to take it apart and supplant Plant-forward thought – one that’s more sustainable and compassionate. But will human greed and our species’ itch to keep warring upon another get the better of us?


16:50 BST

Tracie’s vegan, feminist, re-imagining of ‘Carmen’


By Tracie O’Keefe


The original storyline of the ballet Carmen is old-fashioned, misogynistic and promotes oppression of women and animal cruelty. Both Carmen, who is characterised as a loose woman who drives men to jealousy, dies at the hands of an ex-lover, and the bull dies at the hands of the matador.

In this variation from Carmen Tracie O’Keefe, clinical hypnotherapist, psychotherapist and counsellor, who enjoys dancing on pointe, changed and updated the narrative.




17:30 BST

Animal Rebellion in Action


Bel Jacobs

Laila Kassam


Animal Rebellion is a mass movement that uses nonviolent civil disobedience to bring about a transition to a just and sustainable plant-based food system, to halt mass extinction, alleviate the worst effects of climate breakdown and ensure justice for animals. Spokesperson Bel Jacobs will introduce the movement’s aims and methods before interviewing Laila Kassim, co-founder of Animal ThinkThank, on the future of animal advocacy in a world which is finally starting to question human dominance over nature and other species in ways that could have seismic impacts on a climate-challenged future.




19:00 BST

Animal Rights Activism


Roger Yates

Philip Murphy

Gary Francione

Tim Barford


Animal Rights Activism is increasing, and with the growth in veganism and plant based diets, once more taking centre stage in many parts of the world. Whilst this growth is hugely welcome, and very necessary, will it continue to thrive and grow, especially as we emerge and move beyond the global pandemic? And what will it achieve? The 1980s saw a big surge in Animal Rights Activism, with some notable successes and gains, but in some respects some clear setbacks and potentially counter-productive activity. This panel welcomes 4 individuals who were all active in the 80s and still active today, and we take a critical yet supportive look at 3 current Animal Rights Activities, with a view to learning from previous experience and sharing ideas and suggestions for improving our chances of attaining animal liberation whilst averting climate change disaster:

– Animal Rebellion
– Camp Beagle
– Saks 5th Ave Fur Store closure

The session also marks a reunion for the first time in over a decade with Gary Francione joining Roger Yates to offer their views and advice to these campaigns, with thanks to Philip Murphy for initiating this historic reunion.








09:00 BST

The Vegan Songstress


Tim Barford (host)

Jennifer Faust


Irish singer-songwriter Jennifer Faust (the Vegan Songstress) was born in Dublin in a family in which her great aunt was a singer, her uncle was a published poet, and her father and both grandfathers were band drummers.

Jennifer started writing songs at the age of 8. Jennifer also began creating art at an early age and has a FB page called Jennifer Faust Art.

In recent years, since going vegan, a great deal of her artworks have expressed themes about the human use of other animals.





09:30 BST

Social Media Activism


Roger Yates (host)

Nella Giatrakou

Jennifer Faust

Shane (Vegan Country Boy)

Robert Booth


A panel of experienced animal activists are gathered together to explore social media activism in the 21st century. One major advantage of social media over mainstream media is that activists have more complete control over their content, its form, and the frequency in which it is put out. So, if these represent the upsides of social media activism, and are there any downsides? For example, does a “vegan bubble” form in which vegans may end up by and large just talking to one another? Do dynamic platforms such as TikTok provide a way forward for animal activists? What are the prospects for future social media activism? Join Nella Giatrakou, along with Robert Booth and Jennifer Faust who both have a strong TikTok presence, to discuss these and related issues. The panel is chaired by Dr. Roger Yates of the Dublin-based Vegan Information Project.





11:00 BST

The Veganization of Yoga


Victoria Moran (host)

Holly Skodis

Achāryā Samitā Rāthor


These panelists are all yoga students and registered yoga teachers working for the full restoration of yoga’s ahimsa ethic and vegetarian tradition, and to move contemporary practitioners to embrace veganism for ethical, environmental, health, and spiritual reasons.

They will cover what they’re up against. This includes the explosion of yoga in the West that has brought in a lot of participants, even high-profiles ones, who think the “vegetarian thing” doesn’t apply to them, and the vegetarian yogis who have strong cultural and religious ties to dairy.

With some 500,000 Britons and 36 million Americans practicing yoga regularly, this is a community well worth reaching with the vegan message.

Panelists will help listeners understand the scope of the issue and how to make inroads in their own yoga classes and communities.


11:30 BST

Vegan Women Authors: Amplifying your message and movement through books


Mitali Deypurkaystha (host)

Heather Landex

Jackie Norman

Maya Cohen-Ronen


Writing a book can be a powerful way to spread your message and grow a movement.

Whether it’s a business book, recipe book or a piece of fiction, it has the power to make an impact on large numbers of people.

In this panel discussion, hosted by book coach Mitali Deypurkaystha, three vegan women authors who have written books in the above-mentioned genres, will discuss the process of writing, confidence, finding your voice as a woman and a vegan, and more.


11:50 BST

Performance by Mem Davis


Mem Davis Collective is a Wollongong-based band who are a little bit folk, a little bit country, and a lot of heart and soul. They have performed at a range of music festivals and private events, combining joy, heartache, and socio-political issues.

Lead singer Mem is also a vegan copywriter, naturopath, doula and music event fundraiser.





12:30 BST

STRESS! R.I.P – How our lifestyles can be both the cause & cure of this global condition


By Dr. Chidi


We encounter stressful situations almost every day. However, chronic stress is a big health risk. It can cause anxiety and even desperation. It can also suppress the immune system and cause physical damage. In this talk Dr Chidi discusses how we can change our modern lifestyles to manage stress.


13:00 BST

7 nutrition hacks for plant-based athletes


By Leila Dehghan


Proper nutrition matters, especially for athletes who push their body beyond all limits. In this talk, Leila, a sport-focused nutritionist, discusses 7 nutrition hacks to help support your training and maximise your athletic performance on a plant-based diet.


13:30 BST

A new approach to Type-2 Diabetes


By Dr. Sundhya Raman


Our current model of medicine often focuses solely on the endpoint of an illness. As a result it is far less effective than it can be, mainly treating symptoms or at best slowing progression. We now know that by shifting focus to the causes we can be significantly more effective at preventing and even reversing diabetes and it’s consequences. Dr Raman will cover the most effective evidence-based ways to tackle this disease, the reasons why they work, as well as tips you can incorporate into your own lives and those of loved ones.





14:30 BST

V for Life: A taste of Lithuania


By Chef Justina Bajorinaite


V for Life’s roving chef Justina Bajorinaite will be showing us how to make ‘Lithuanian North’ – Western pancakes served with a traditional sauce and Beetroot salad with traditional bread.





15:15 BST

Vegan & Gluten-Free Pecan Pie


By Danielle Maupertuis


Pecan pie … an ideal dessert to welcome a bright autumn. I present 2 versions in this demo: a pecan pie with a coconut cream, and a pecan pie served lukewarm with a cookie dough ice cream.

A special focus on gluten-free versions of vegan desserts. We often struggle with gluten-free sponges and pastries. A simple , crusty, yummy shortcrust recipe will definitely increase our self-confidence in vegan and gluten-free pastry!





16:00 BST

Music by Ruby Moss


Tim Barford (host)

Ruby Moss


Ruby Moss is 14 years old and living in Dublin. Ruby’s musical career began in St Patrick’s Cathedral Choir School. She plays piano, flute, guitar, button accordion and has been awarded a prestigious organ scholarship with Dundalk Grammar School. Ruby has been vegetarian her whole life and vegan since age 8.

Ruby wrote Ruby’s Song/Invisible last September when she was struggling to fit in on starting secondary school. It went to #1 in the iTunes charts the week of its release, the week of Ruby’s 14th birthday and is still #1 in the singer songwriter charts in Reverbnation.

Shades of Grey was written, recorded and co-produced by Ruby in July of this year two weeks before her 14th birthday. It deals with the theme of frustrating conversations with people who don’t like change. Ruby was thinking about climate change and conversations around that when she wrote it but it could apply to so many themes. The first two lines resulted from a frustrating conversation about musical genre.

Both of Ruby’s songs are being sold in aid of GoVeganWorld and Jigsaw for Youth Mental Health – and





17:00 BST

Planting Value in Food & Camp Beagle


Tim Barford (host)

Alex Lockwood

Mel Broughton


Alex Lockwood is interviewed by host Tim Barford to update us on his recent report into plant based food system policy. Mel Broughton is a long term animal rights activist, currently prominent in the Camp Beagle protests. As an Animal Rebellion activist, Alex is also by nature anti – speciesist, and he explores the cross over between climate Justice and animal justice with Mel Broughton in the final part of the talk, following an update from Mel on the latest from the camp. Essential viewing for AR and Climate Change activists.

Continuing on from a look into plant based food systems, long term AR activist Mel Broughton joins us for an update on the Camp Beagle campaign. Mel has dedicated much of his activism over the previous few decades highlighting the plight on animals in laboratories, and the Camp Beagle protests essentially build on the anti vivisection protests of the 80’s, 90’s and naughties. Mel is then joined by Alex Lockwood to discuss briefly the crossover and collaboration between Animal Rights activists and Climate Justice activists, as amplified by the recent Animal Rebellion march in London August 2021, attended by Camp Beagle supporters.





19:00 BST

ADASA: Insight, to Incite: Contemplative practice and consistent anti-oppression activism


By Philip Murphy


We have all been born into a speciesist culture that normalizes the breeding, use, and murder of other animals for human benefit. It is only through our acquiring insight into the fundamentally exploitative nature of these engagements with our fellow sentient beings that we are able to fight against these injustices, in the name of a consistent anti-oppression stance. Meditation is a practice that can facilitate, and over time deepen this insight.

Moreover, as it affords an opportunity to skillfully contextualize our human experience more broadly the practice can serve a regenerative function, which is a vitally important element for effective and sustained activism.

A graduate of Johns Hopkins University, Philip Murphy is certified in mindfulness facilitation through the Mindful Awareness Research Center at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). In this session Philip will contextualize the role of mindful awareness in animal justice activism and share meditation practices first developed by the pioneering Western mindfulness teacher Shinzen Young, with the goal of empowering animal justice advocates to be skillful and sustainable in their activism.