Global Vegfest 2: 18th & 19th December 2021



Saturday 18th December 2021


12:00pm GMT

Vegan For Life: Real Life Stories of Healthy Vegans


This panel hosted by Nutritionist Rohini Bajekal from Plant-Based Health Professionals UK will highlight the real life stories of healthy vegans. You’ll hear from VegFest Founder Tim Barford as well as PBHP members including vegan chef Nishma Shah, activist Annie Leymaries and health coach Annette Henry. We’ll explore the benefits of a healthy vegan diet as well as the tips to sustain this lifestyle from those who have been doing it for years and in some cases – decades.




13:00 GMT
Vegan For Life: How To Thrive on a Vegan Diet


“Vegan for Life: How to thrive on a vegan diet” hosted by Dr Leila Dehghan will bring together a panel of experts on plant-based nutrition to debunk common myths about a vegan diet and discuss the recent negative news propaganda. Dr Shehata, GP and lifestyle medicine physician, together with registered dieticians Chantal Tomlinson and Esen Boyacigiller and nutritional therapist Rita Castanhito provide evidence-based health advice on how to optimise your vegan diet.



14:30 GMT
Veganism in Africa


Veganism in Africa is growing and not least due to the efforts of a number of vegan activists, promoting veganism and plant based diets across Africa.


This panel introduces vegan activists from Uganda, Kenya and Ghana – all of whom feature in Issue 3 of Forca vegan Online Magazine – to share some of their experiences, successes and challenges with a wider audience.



16:00 GMT
Women Making Waves in Sustainable Fashion


As awareness about the devastating impacts of fashion on the environment increases, consumers are looking for ways to be more sustainable with their purchases.


Join three pioneers in vegan, sustainable fashion to find out how they’re helping to create change.




18:00 GMT
VegfestUK Awards 2021: The Results


It’s finally time to announce the winners! It’s been exciting to watch the hype surrounding the VegfestUK Awards 2021 over the last couple of months. Now the votes are cast, the polls are closed, and in this livestream we set out the winners for the 2021 awards in all their glory.





Sunday 19th December 2021



12:00 GMT
Women Growing Veganism Across The Globe


Interest in veganism is spreading across the world and in many cases women are leading the way. Be inspired by this panel discussion featuring some of the luminaries in this space.


They will share how they are helping to grow the vegan movement in the global south, Africa and the Middle East.




12:45 GMT
How To Build Online Communities Through Video, and Video as a Tool for Activists


The popularity of video as a tool for entertainment and education continues to grow. In this talk Manuela Senatore will teach you how to build online communities using video, as well as how you can use this medium to effect social change.




13:30 GMT
Vegan Activism Through Music


In this session Tim will be joined by two fabulous vegan musicians – Ruby Moss and Barbara Helen.


Ruby joined us during Global Vegfest 1, and spoke with us about school life, the inspiration behind her songs and the reception they’ve had. Since then Ruby has some new releases, so we’ll be checking those out during this session.


Barbara performed as part of VegfestUK Summerfest Online 2020, our first ever online event, following her album’s release in 2019 – ‘Vegan Eyes’. Now Barbara is back with us, with new material of course, too.


Be sure to join us for this lively session!




14:30 GMT
10 Reasons NOT To Go Vegan – And How To Reply


With Veganuary 22 once more on the horizon, now is a good time to brush up on your skills to counter some of the most common ‘anti vegan’ arguments put forward. And a handy tool for those challenging non vegan relatives over the xmas season playing ‘gotcha’. This session looks at 10 of the most common anti vegan arguments – and how to counter them effectively. Accomplished authors Emilia Leese (Think Like a Vegan) and Benny Malone (How To Argue With Vegans), both with considerable expertise in this field, join host and long term vegan Tim Barford (Basically Not a Lion) for a light hearted but super useful look into how to counter the most common anti vegan objections.




16:00 GMT
Cookery Demonstration: Festive Delights


Festive Delights. Don’t miss this festive cookery demo with V for Life Chef Alex. He’ll be showing you how to make an impressive three-course vegan Christmas meal, as well as some tasty Christmassy treats.




16:30 GMT
Cookery Demonstration: Vegan Muhammara


In this short livestream you will learn how to make a delicious, oil free dip, for your Christmas table. LivingveggiebyAnia will show you a traditional Middle Eastern recipe with a Christmas twist, perfect for your December festivities. Traditional Muhammara, originally from Syria, with a few tweaks will fit beautifully on a British Christmas Table. Slightly sweet, tangy and yet savoury with a hint of Christmas spice. We are sure you will fall in love with our version and, importantly, you can easily replicate the dish at home.




16:50 GMT
Cookery Demonstration: Christmas Berries Cake


This colorful and refreshing cheesecake will be the attraction of your party!

Decorated with some holly leaves biscuits, it will give this cake a wonderful Christmas touch!




17:30 GMT
Vegan Compleating & The Plant Based Treaty


Food waste is a massive issue but rarely talked about – step forward author Ellen Tout, whose recent book ‘The Complete Book of Vegan Compleating: An A–Z of Zero-Waste Eating For the Mindful Vegan’ is full of recipes and tips for making the most of food without waste. Ellen will be sharing some of these tips along with some fabulous recipe ideas as well as some of the facts and figures surrounding food waste.


The Plant Based Treaty is a global collective response to climate change, health, food supply and animal welfare with a collaboration of hundreds of businesses and organisations and thousand of individuals. Anita Krajnc from Plant Based Treaty joins us to update us on their achievements in 2021 and plans for 2022.





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