Global Vegfest 3: 19th March 2022


10:00 GMT

The VegfestUK London Show

Tim Barford is joined by several guests for a short and breezy look at the upcoming VegfestUK London Olympia this coming autumn, with an emphasis on Exhibitors and not only why they should be considering exhibiting at the event, but also how to get the best from events like this. We’ll also be looking at what’s in store for the estimated 15,000 visitors come November 12th & 13th when the doors open once again to the UK’s biggest indoor vegan exhibition.

David & Lisa from Vegan Business Tribe, Karin from VeggieVision TV and Meera from caterers Chaatit are amongst the guests for this livestream. is live April 1st.




11:00 GMT

Vegan Queen V

Jen Armstrong goes by the moniker Vegan Queen V, and is a top-notch vegan musician. Conducting vegan activism primarily through her music, Jen has recently been fundraising in order to record and release her debut album, all about veganism and animal rights.

Today, and on the eve of the first single and music video’s release, Jen shares with us some of her new music, and speaks to VegfestUK founder Tim a little bit about her ethics, and the journey so far.




12:00 GMT

Setting World Records on a Plant-Based Diet

Join Dr Leila Dehghan as she talks to the plant-based athlete Kate Strong about her journey to set a new world record. Kate will share with us her challenges, diet tips and future plans.





12:45 GMT

A Vegan Diet & Women’s Health

Every aspect of women’s health at every age and stage of life benefits from healthy plant-based nutrition and lifestyle changes (sleep, stress, alcohol, exercise, social interactions). This is true for painful and heavy periods as well as irregular menstrual cycles, often seen in Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), the most common endocrine condition worldwide, affecting at least 1 in 10 reproductive age women and those assigned female at birth (AFAB). Making positive behaviour and lifestyle changes especially through nutrition and exercise can go a very long way in managing PCOS and its symptoms, both in the short term and longer term.




13:30 GMT

Hot Topics in Vegan Health & Nutrition

This is a multi-talk session, featuring:

1:30-1:40 Soya – Good or Bad?
By Didem Varol, RD
1:40-1:50 Tofu Scramble Cooking Demo
By Biljana Hutchinson
1:50-2 Weight Loss Tips on a Vegan Diet
By Dr Sue Kenneally
2-2:10 Bloating and a Vegan Diet
By Julie Stewart, RD
2:10-2:20 Tips to Manage Stress
By Deb Williams




14:45 GMT

Vegan Chocolate Fondant with a Mango Coulis by Danielle Maupertuis

This dessert is for chocoholics only! I have a special thought for them by delivering a top-secret way to guarantee this fondant a perfect baking.

The mango coulis is optional, just to add some fresh exotic touch, but I presume the chocoholics will consider it as a sin!




15:15 GMT

Força Vegan: Veganism in Africa

Veganism across the continent of Africa is on the rise, and Força Vegan Online Magazine has been focusing recently on a number of vegan activists working to increase the peace and bring the benefits of plant based lifestyles to many people across Africa.

This session focuses briefly on the work of the BYC/Vegan Uganda FC football team, plus guests Sunny Satva from the Vegan Africa Fund, Manase from Tanzania, Majeed from Ghana and Mart also from Ghana.

You can also read about our guests in Issues 3 and 4 of Força Vegan, plus our all important fundraiser that is ongoing and supporting vegan outreach in Africa.

Be sure to tune in as we continue the conversation on the rise of veganism and vegan activism in it’s various forms throughout Africa.




15:15 GMT

Building a Rights-Based Movement: Defining Veganism

Roger Yates and Benny Malone take an in-depth look at the definition of veganism, hosted by Tim Barford. Roger looks at the history of the vegan social movement in the UK and the emergence of a vegan definition through the 1940s to the 1970s and its development up to the modern day, before Benny examines line drawing and gatekeeping around the definition of veganism, a look at ‘categorical value’ vs ‘numerical value’ distinction, and how the definition has broadened to what we now recognise as a pro-intersectional radical justice & rights-based vegan position, before a wider discussion on why the definition is important, what can serve to undermine this, and how we can help build a truly rights-based movement around the definition of veganism.




18:00 GMT

Veganism & Food Justice

Veganism is an ethical stance against all forms of exploitation to animals; it is not a diet. Food justice, however, is about access to healthy food. At first glance, the two issues seem separate, but they are not.

Join our panel of experts to learn about the link between veganism and food justice and how to promote food justice in our vegan campaigns.



19:30 GMT

Building a Rights-Based Movement: Veganism & Non-Violence

Gary Francione and Philip Murphy join Tim Barford for an informed discussion around the theme of ‘Veganism & Non-Violence’, including references to the recent Kurt Zouma/cat case, how the vegan social movement in the UK evolved from previous traditions of non-violence towards the end of the 2nd World War, the broader vision of veganism, the current violence in Ukraine, the moral value of sentient beings, how our focus on welfare violates the rights of these individuals, and how violence and rights violations work together.

And then the question at the end – how does all this translate into the modern day animal rights movement.