December 2020 Livestreams | Animal Rights




10:00am – VegfestUK Chat (Season 2 Episode 2) with Karin & Tim, with special guests Amanda Woodvine of V for Life & the vegan pastry chef with her new Cookery Book out – Danielle Maupertuis


Karin & Tim will be discussing the event ahead and the latest vegan news and gossip, along with some brill guests including Amanda from V for Life, and recently published cookbook author Danielle, whose speciality is vegan desserts and pastries!





11:30am – ‘How to get funding for your vegan business’ hosted by David Pannell with guests Claire Smith, Nick Mayhew & Mike Hill.


No matter how much passion you have, or how great your product, your business will only get so far through self-funding.  You might need money to scale up a concept you have already proven to take your vegan business to the next level, or you might need a sum of money to test out a new idea or product.  From crowdfunding, to angel investing, to traditional lending, we will look at all the ways your business can secure finance.  Our panel includes experts from all funding disciplines and those who have gone through funding rounds themselves, to show you the routes to finding funding for your vegan business and why a lack of funds might be the thing that is holding you back.





1:00pm – ‘V for Life Cookery School: Show-Stopping Festive Delights


  • First-Time Vegan Christmas: V for Life Cookery School Chef, Justina shares her tips to ensure that you don’t miss out on your Christmas faves after going vegan – from starters to Boxing Day buffet, the main event, and sweet treats, we have you covered.
  • Show-Stopping Vegan Centrepieces: From Wellington to M’hancha, join Chef Alex and learn to make these show-stopping creations to wow your guests.
  • Festive Vegan Bakes: A festive take on the V for Life Cookery School’s Vegan Baking Masterclass with Chef Ollie.





2:30pm – ‘In Conversation with Dr Shireen Kassam’ 


We talk with Dr. Shireen Kassam, founder of Plant Based Health Professionals UK about veganism, health & the work of the PBHPUK.





4:00pm – VegfestUK Awards 2020 – The Results!


The moment we’ve all been waiting for – you voted for your favourite brands earlier this month, and now it’s time to hear who won! Lots of winners, including special guests,  a must watch for all.





6:00pm – ‘Karin’s Christmas Cracker’


Karin’s done it again! With a stellar line up of celebrities, Karin will be joined by the wonderful Lucy Watson, and actors Gary Webster & Danny Hatchard.











10:00am – ‘Tom Regan – The Rights View’


An introduction to Animal Rights with Roger Yates.




11:30am – ‘The Ethical Vegan Conversation’ Series with Jay Brave & Jordi Casamitjana


New series featuring Joel Bravette (Jay Brave) founder of BiTO and Vegan Society board member,  & Jordi Casamitjana, ethical vegan and author of the new book ‘Ethical Vegan: A Personal and Political Journey to Change the World’.




1:00pm – ‘Animal Rights – What Went Wrong?’ with Ronnie Lee & Roger Yates


Tim Barford chats with Ronnie & Roger, examining the past efforts of the animal rights movement with hindsight and discussing what went wrong, what went right, and what we can do to bring about Animal Rights and Animal Liberation in the future.




2:30pm – ‘Ethical Veganism – The Inside Story’ with Jordi Casamitjana, Jeanette Rowley, Alex Lockwood, Peter Daly & Joe Hashman


Jordi Casamitjana, author of Ethical Veganism, chats with guests Jeanette, Alex, Peter & Joe about Jordi’s landmark case that led to the establishment of ethical veganism in law.




4:00pm – ‘Animal Rights, Human Health’ with Dr. Leila Dehghan & Stephen Walsh


Tim Barford chats with guests Leila and Stephen about the role of plant based diets in maintaining health, especially in the current climate, and the Vegan Society’s history and position regarding medicine and the ethical choices surrounding this complex area.




6:00pm – ‘Animal Rights & Animal Rebellion – putting the Rights into the Rebellion’ with AxR team members


Animal Rebellion members join us to discuss Animal Rights and Animal Rebellion – the worldwide vegan organisation.