November 2020 | Wildlife Livestreams

Sunday 15th – Wildlife Summit

Hosted by Animal Aid and Humane Wildlife Solutions


10am – Overcoming Wildlife Conflicts the Vegan Way by Kevin Newell



11:30am – Animal Aid: The Work of One of the World’s Longest Established Animal Rights Groups and What We Do For Wildlife by Jade Emery

Animal Aid was established in 1977, and has been standing up for persecuted and abused animals ever since. We work hard to promote cruelty-free living and campaign against practices that involve animal exploitation. Jade Emery will be discussing how Animal Aid campaign for misunderstood and persecuted wild animals such as grey squirrels, pigeons, many others who are classed as ‘pest’ or killed for sport.



12:30pm –  A conversation with Iain Green on his wildlife photography and inspiring the next generation

Join Jade and award-winning photographer, author and naturalist Iain Green for a discussion about his wildlife photography and social enterprise – Wildlife Wonder – whose projects involve 10,000 children each year, inspiring and encouraging them to engage with the natural world on their doorstep. 



2:00pm – An interview with Peter Egan: Why I am an ethical vegan and care for all species on our wonderful planet

Join Tim and Jade for a live interview with the fantastic actor and activist Peter Egan. We will be talking to Peter about his involvement with animal rights, the numerous wild animals he advocates for worldwide, and some positive ways in which you can help.



3:30pm – Grey Squirrels: Myth, Fact and In-Between with Natalia Doran

        Grey squirrels are a familiar and often beloved feature of British fauna. But, as an introduced species, they are also the target of so much hostility that not only are they themselves killed, but even people who help them are regarded as criminals. Natalia Doran attempts to analyse the intellectual and ethical atmosphere in which this extreme persecution becomes possible, and examines seven grey squirrel myths, trying to separate truth from fiction and to show how each myth plays out in real-time public discourse.



5:00pm – Animal Rights & Wildlife – A Discussion with Tim Barford, Mel Broughton, Lynn Sawyer, Jordi Casamitjana & Benny Malone





Saturday 14th – Livestreams


11:00am – VegfestUK Chat – Season 2 Episode 1

An hour of fun and games with Tim & Karin + all things vegan, with special guests Lisa Gawthorne from Bravura Foods, Jade Emery from Animal Aid and Kevin Newell from Humane Wildlife Solutions, hosting the Wildlife Summit on Sunday, plus Hench Herbivore, alongside news of all the special offers and competitions on over the weekend.



1:00pm – How your vegan business can find more customers – even in a pandemic

David Pannell is the co-founder of Vegan Business Tribe, which launched right at the start of the first lock-down to help vegan businesses first survive, and then thrive during the pandemic. Following a prosperous career in marketing and business development, David and his partner Lisa Fox now advise some of the world’s biggest brands on engaging with the vegan marketplace through their vegan agency, Promote Vegan. David is also the official UK agent for The Vegan Society’s Vegan Trademark scheme.

Vegan Business Tribe is where David and Lisa give back to the vegan business community.

In this session, David will explain the main reason why most businesses fail to find enough customers, regardless of how good the product or service is that they are selling. David will also walk through the techniques you can use to find a bigger audience, connect with customers who really care about your mission and then turn them into your biggest advocates – even during a global pandemic.

David will also be taking live questions about your biggest problems in finding customers, and offering a follow-on chat to anyone who has a vegan business, or is thinking about setting one up, to sign-post them to more help and advice.



3:00pm – How To Eat For Optimal Health

A panel of expert nutritionists and dieticians from Plant Based Health Professionals UK will discuss “How to Eat for Optimal Health“.

Ever wondered what supplements you need to take?
Which food groups should you pay more attention to?
Are there any ‘super’ foods that boost the immune system?
How can you naturally improve your gut health?
What about Dr Greger’s Daily Dozen?

Register to the free VegFest UK Online event to find out how you can optimise your diet. Feel free to send us your questions and Leila will try to include them in the panel discussion.



5:00pm – VegfestUK Awards

Join Tim Barford & Karin Ridgers as they unveil the 200 nominees for the 2020 VegfestUK Awards. 20 categories, 10 nominations in each category to determine the best of the vegan community in the UK. Voting commences November 22nd, the winners to be announced at VegfestUK Online December 12th.



7:00pm – In Conversation with Dr Tushar Mehta 

Tushar joins us from Toronto Canada live in conversation discussing from a vegan perspective the global pandemic, personal health, the environment, the myth of regenerative grazing and lots more.