Plant Powered Expo Online 2021 Livestreams


Saturday 20th March:




VegfestUK Chat: Season 2 Episode 4


VegfestUK Chat is back for another episode with hosts Karin Ridgers & Tim Barford on Saturday 20th March 2021. This episode kicks off Plant Powered Expo Online 2021 – an online event in the image of Plant Powered Expo, the debut live event at Olympia London last year.

Featuring special guests:

Angie Best

Lorri Delahunty of VEGAN Happy Clothing

Rose Elliot, author of 70 cookbooks and V for Life patron

Mark Hanretty, Dancing On Ice skating star







Looking At Supporting Grass-Roots Vegan Businesses


Tim Barford speaks with David Pannell about the grass-roots vegan businesses that are currently going through the Vegan Business Tribe ‘Vegan Start-up Scale-up’ crowdfunding project and how you can help back these vegan challenger brands of tomorrow.


To back these companies, and also see some great vegan rewards, see:






5 Talks From Members of Plant Based Health Professionals UK: Part 1


This session will feature 5 very important talks from medical professionals and members of Plant Based Health Professionals UK:


2:00pm – Welcome & Introduction

With Dr Shireen Kassam & Dr Leila Dehghan.

2:10pm – Supporting hormones during perimenopause: the plant-based approach

Karine Stephan is a nutritional therapist and will talk about how a plant-based diet can help support hormones during the perimenopause transition, which most commonly happens when a woman is in her 40’s. The earlier a woman starts looking after her diet and lifestyle, the easier it is, as both play a key role in supporting a healthy transition. And for women who are in their 40’s and 50’s, a plant-based diet can help ease symptoms.

2:50pm – Can a plant based diet & exercise reverse the symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis?

Dr Alpa Kumar is a portfolio GP and a Lifestyle medicine specialist. She will discuss how a plant based diet and exercise can reverse the symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis.

3:30pm – What is Health Coaching?

Jenny Fernandez talks to Dr Dehghan about what led her to became a health coach and how health coaching works in practice to facilitate long-lasting habit change. She will share why we need health coaches to help reverse the current health paradigm based on disease management rather than prevention through lifestyle interventions.






5 Talks From Members of Plant Based Health Professionals UK: Part 2


Continued, this session features:


4:30pm – How To Go Raw Vegan

Dr. Areli K. Cuevas-Ocampo is a Medical Doctor who follows a raw-vegan lifestyle. She’s an educator and coach, with expertise in raw-food nutrition. She combines her medical background, plant-based knowledge, and her own experience as a raw-vegan to teach people about the incredible benefits of incorporating more raw fruits and vegetables into our diets.

5:10pm – Skin Deep

Dr Sonia Gandhi, a GP with a special interest in dermatology, will discuss all things skin including modern day skin problems and lifestyle tips for healthy skin.






Sunday 21st March:




Rainbow Yoga: Be Kind To Every Kind


A Kids & Family Yoga Class About Making The World A Better Place With Our Big Shining Hearts Join Gopala from Rainbow Yoga and Kindred Spirit Sanctuary on a magical and playful journey through movement, play and mindfulness to open our hearts and use them to save animals and make the world a better place.


Be ready to rock this world with creative movement, positive emotional learning and engaging interaction.


It’s a feel-good and do-good class that is sure to bring us all closer together and inspire us to make the world a better place, one act of kindness at a time.







Cookery Demos:
Balanced vegan nutrition in menu planning with Chef Alex & Health and nutritional considerations for the mature vegan with Chef Ollie


V for Life roving chefs Chef Alex & Chef Ollie present the following:


Balanced vegan nutrition in menu planning with Chef Alex. Join Chef Alex making a tasty, nutritious Korma and chocolate pots, discussing what to consider when planning your menus from a nutrition point of view.


Health and nutritional considerations for the mature vegan with Chef Ollie. Chef Ollie will be demonstrating a variety of easy, quick snack ideas including puff pastry pizza, coronation ‘chicken’ and borlotti bean and dill pate. Great options when cooking for one or when appetite is reduced.







‘Health Eating on a Budget’ with The Vegan Approach


“Our panel will answer questions that are often asked about how to be a healthy vegan without breaking the bank. Our panellists include an ultramarathon runner, a cyclist and two dieticians, and between us we have about 50 years of vegan experience!”






Ahimsa Dharma: The Consistent Anti-Oppression Imperative in Pan-Dharmic Communities


The Buddhist, Hindu, Jain religions, and the physical, mental, and spiritual disciplines of yoga hold in common the ideal of dharma, Sanskrit for ” one’s righteous duty, or any virtuous path,” while the term ahimsa can be translated as “dynamic harmlessness.” The teachings associated with these faith traditions affirm that all sentient beings are included in their respective moral circles —  and yet, veganism is far from a universal commitment among their adherents.


Representatives from these faith traditions and associated disciplines will discuss the teachings of their respective traditions as affirming veganism to be a moral imperative. Given the aforementioned dichotomy between theory and practice, the panelists will also discuss the associated challenges in carrying the message of veganism within these communities and how they address these challenges by means that the Buddha affirmed to the articulation of his teachings — that is, with “an appropriate response.”