BSL Interpretation

A number of talks at VegfestUK London Olympia National will have a BSL Interpreter present. Talks below have BSL in attendance


Sat 11am Optimum Nutrition  Thriving on a vegan diet: meeting nutritional requirements, and discovering practical ways to build in plant-based wholefoods and be a healthy weight
  12pm Stalls  
  1pm Fitness & Wellbeing Scientific evidence to argue a case for veganism
  2pm Vegan For The Animals  The RSPCA Assured smokescreen
  3pm Vegan For The Animals Find Your Place In The Animal Freedom Movement
  4pm Stalls  
  5pm Vegan For The Animals Veganism Explained – An Introduction to Veganism in the 21st Century
Sun 11am Vegan For The Animals Animals Asia
  12pm Fitness & Wellbeing Veganism and Spirituality
  1pm Fitness & Wellbeing Running on Plants
  2pm Stalls  
  3pm Together As One Stage Unifying the Vegan Movement – Panel