Floor Plan




Stall number Exhibitor
CAT5 Vegan AF
CAT6 De Juice Bar
CAT7 Gillie Foods
CAT8 Mel Tropical Kitchen
CAT9 Chaat-it
CAT10 1218 Plantbase Cuisine
CAT11 Gourmet Poke
CAT12 The Happy Cow
CAT13 Chickenish
CAT14 The Green Grill
CAT15 Vegan Sweet Tooth
CAT16 Fluff
A16 Juliettes Kitchen
A17 All You Need
A21 Be At One Cosmetics
A28 Vegan Muscle
B13 VeggiePets
B14 Vive Foods
B15 Storeroom
B16 Free Gifts Stall
B17 Free Gifts Stall
B18 Doughnutz
B19 Art of Compassion Project
B23 The Vegan Society
B24 UP Design Agency
B25 Honestly Tasty
B26 Animal Justice Project
B27 Brownins
B28 Brownins
B29 Cat Burglar Dough Co
B30 Abel & Cole
B31 The Base Vegan Retreat Animal Sanctuary
B32 Yaoh
B33 Camp Beagle
B34 Bev’s Kitchen
B35 Peta UK
B36 Greenpeace
B37 Plant Based Health Professionals UK
B38 Nature’s Charm
B39 Running on Plants
B40 Green Chef
C13 Lunatree
C14 Patch Plays
C15 London Wildlife Trust
C16 Omni Pet
C17 Green Gazelles Rugby Club
C18 Animal Rising
C19 Animal Rising
C20 Aduna
C21 Aduna
C22 Vegan Organic Network
C23 Whitfords
C24 Speciesism.WTF
C25 Animal Think Tank
C26 Fauna & Flora
C27 Hugletts Wood
C28 Hugletts Wood
C29 For the Love of Earth
C31 Seedy Snacks
C32 The Good Pea Limited
C33 CNM College of Naturopathic Medicine
C34 Karmaceuticals Ltd
C35 Plantlife
C36 Organax
C37 Hunt Sabs
D8 The Really Healthy Company
D9 Cats Protection
D10 Vegan Antics
D12 Save The Asian Elephants
D13 Plant Based Treaty
D14 CurlieEllie
D15 Plant Based Treaty
D16 St Best Caribbean
D17 Riverford
D18 Dogs Trust
D19 Express Beauty
D20 Express Beauty
D21 Animal Aid
D22 Animal Aid
D23 Fleecehaven
D24 Anticarnist
D25 Anticarnist
D26 Veganicity
D27 Soul Fruit
D28 Borneo Orangutan Survival UK
D29 Value Africa
D30 Lucelas
D31 Idea Fresca
D32 Kimchi with Everything
D33 Community Foods
Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association
D36 Yummy Chumz
D37 H!P Chocolate
D38 Natasha’z
E11 Eden Perfumes
E12 Foodhak
E13 Plant Based Treaty
E14 Suma
E15 Natures Plus
E16 Volunteers Office
E17 Bio Nature
E18 Information & Site Office
E23 New Internationalist
E24 Pri Bakes
E25 Urban Squirrels
E26 Root Minerals
E27 Macarons by Madelaine
E28 Farplace
T14 Certified Vegan Business
T15 East Saxon Training
T20 Joe Mugan Coaching
T21 Phil Ainsworth
T22 U-Turn Health
T23 Rebel Vegan Life
SO2 The Whisking Angel
SO3 Deeez Nutz
SO4 Saving Nemo
SO6 Garden Guardians
SO7 Energise and Thrive (Nutrition Coaching)
SO8 Lubbly Bubbly Boba Bar
SO9 Chappers Cheesecake
SO10 Haskapa
SO11 Indian Vegetarians and Vegans.
SO12 The Real Health Store (Saturday)/Whole (Sunday)
SO13 Jill Swyers – Living Foods for Health
SO14 Animals Asia Foundation
SO15 Clean&Natural
SO16 Kotinos Ltd
SO17 Affybale
SO18 Freedom for Animals
SO25 Health & Holistics
SO26 Viva!
SO27 Wasteless Design Varvara Bogiari
SO28 Farmaround Organic
SO29 Vegan Therapies
SO30 Oh Oils