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Força Vegan Magazine: Issue 4




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Força Vegan Magazine: Issue 3



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Força Vegan Magazine: Issue 2





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About the Magazines:




Forca Vegan is a free online magazine published every two months, with the first issue out mid March 2021. The magazine joins up a growing global grassroots vegan movement with reports from around the planet, alongside features on activists, animal sanctuaries, new vegan businesses, vegan artists, comedians and musicians, with an additional roundup of new vegan food, skincare and Lifestyle products, plus news of online and live events. The magazine focuses mainly on independents, grassroots and individuals with a strong and unapologetic ethical vegan position and animal rights focus. Forca Vegan will help amplify a growing number of vegan voices from around the world and draw attention to a number of issues that we all share, along with information, inspiration and education to help tackle the challenges. 


Forca Vegan – Justice for Animals, People and The Planet.





Plant Powered Planet is a free online magazine published every two months, with the first issue out May 21st 2021. The magazine will focus on health, lifestyle, products, fitness, animal welfare, conservation, global food supply, the environment, agriculture, innovation and solutions to climate change. Plant Powered Planet will have a more mainstream, consumer lifestyle feel to it, whilst still underpinned by a strong ethical vegan position alongside ethical consumer choices and issues surrounding them. A variety of leading vegan individuals achieving on a number of levels will make up the main substance of the editorial content, and Plant Powered Planet will carry more advertising and paid features in its content. Plant Powered Planet will also provide us with a platform to get behind small vegan businesses including the Vegan Traders Union and provide support as they emerge from the impact of lockdown and help showcase a number of new vegan products, projects and initiatives to a growing readership.


Both publications will be available every two months and will feature a number of contributors from around the globe.


“We are really inspired to be able to continue working on promoting the vegan lifestyle in absence of our natural home – live events” adds VegfestUK manager Tim Barford. “We anticipate a return to Olympia at the end of 2022 at the earliest, and that is dependent on overcoming significant hurdles, not least funding and insurance. To work on 2 new magazines for 2021 and 2022 is a real bonus, providing us with a unique mix of creative activism that in some respects more than compensates for the lack of a live event. In particular we can showcase some truly inspiring people, projects and products, and continue to bring the many facets and benefits of veganism and plant based diets to a fresh and widening audience.”