Our Top Ten Tips



There are some key things you can do to get the most out of exhibiting at online events. So here are our Top 10 Tips to boost your online presence whilst taking part in VegfestUK Online Events.


1. Make full use of your booking. The Exhibiting option entitles you to 3 separate posts on the Facebook event page, we advise you to use all 3, even if all 3 posts are exactly the same as each other.  They will be shared over the weekend at different times – this will maximise your reach and increase your chances of being in people’s feeds.

2. Complete your Website Page– ensure you make full use of this option, as the exhibition pages are the most visited part of the show over the weekend. Your page should include plenty of images, a short promo video if possible, links to your web shop, signup to bulletin and social media, and calls to action to do so.

3. Include a special offer. 
To expand on tip 1 – including a Special Offer can make a huge difference on your sales and exposure over the event weekend. Times are tough, and we understand that for some, offering discounts at the moment might seem wasteful. But special offers don’t need to be sacrificial, and really can boost not only the amount of (new and previous) customers to your online shop, but also your exposure – as in, every time we or another exhibitor shares the special offers page you’ll be included in that share. Not only that, but for the November 2020 weekend just gone – our 3rd most visited page on the website was the special offers page. We also include the special offers in the preshow mailchimps, and on social media throughout the weekend.

4. Run a competition. A competition can be a great way to get our joint audience directly involved in your posts and by extension, the event itself. Especially if you stipulate that to be in with a chance of winning they must comment and/or share the competition post on their wall. 

5. Share your Facebook posts beyond the Facebook event page. After your posts have been published on the event page by us, share those posts in Facebook groups. Joining and then sharing on Facebook groups can turn hundreds of potential views to thousands very quickly. If you happen to be sharing a special offer or a competition, you’ll also be sharing something that others may then share themselves. 

6. Share the special offers page over the event weekend. By sharing the special offers page, not only would you be sharing your own special offer but everyone else’s as well. When multiple exhibitors do the same thing, you can share your followers with them and vice versa. In other words, if someone else also shares the special offers page they will be sharing your special offer to their following.

7. Use your social media platforms regularly and effectively over the weekend. For instance, create and regularly add to your Instagram story over the weekend. We’re always keen to see VegfestUK tagged into your Instagram, Twitter & Facebook posts and stories, and will retweet and share your story with our followers wherever we can over the event weekend. You can also up your posts – one a day is good, but two, three or five a day is better on an event weekend. Overall, social media is a great tool to help create and maintain a buzz around an event. Every post you make will boost yours and the event’s followers, which will mean more people looking, watching, sharing and shopping on the weekend itself. Reach is everything.

8. If you can, create unique artwork and / or videos to promote yourself. This isn’t always possible, and if it comes at a cost to you it may need costing up carefully, but having fresh and eye-catching content to post will increase your chances of viewership. Facebook, Instagram & Twitter users scroll down their feeds quickly. Think about how you can stop people scrolling down so they can read your post. If it’s about your special offer, make sure they know that in the blink of an eye. If it’s a competition, the same applies.

9. Coincide an announcement or goal with an online event. When you have had new products coming out in the past, you may well have booked into a live event or two to share that news with people. This can also be achieved with online events. If having a new release scheduled means your marketing budget is higher, then that can of course afford you more reach so you can really make a splash with your announcement. If the budget is restricted however, combining any and all of the above can still maximise your reach. By sharing via the event page (or indeed via our social media with one of the social media packages) you can also share your current reach with us to really get the most out of it.

If you don’t have an announcement or a new product release, there are other targets you can hit on an event weekend. Perhaps your goal might be to increase your followers on your Facebook page. If so, you can still effectively hit your target by sharing with and through VegfestUK by using pages or sharing VegfestUK content over the weekend. A competition is a great way to achieve more followers from us, especially if you stipulate that people must follow your page in order to be able to win.

10. Continue sharing content or a special offer after the weekend is over. Choosing to announce that you’ll be ‘extending’ a special offer for an extra 24 hours a day or two after an online event can help to see one last spike in sales for those who feel they missed out. One great thing about these online events too is that there is lots of content created mostly in the form of talks and discussions that can be shared after, and if you’re planning on taking part in the following event 4-6 weeks later, sharing or announcing that soon after the first event has finished will give people a chance to like the next event page, and perhaps buy more a month or so later.