Allan Jackson

Allan Jackson

Dr. Jaxon's Elixir of Life

Dr.Jaxon has been a vegan, animal rights activist, artist and musician for over 30 years now. He has written various songs of Love and Rebellion for different campaigns such as The Land Is Ours, The Liberation Pledge, Stop HS2, Animal Rebellion, Boycott Nestle, Boycott Coca Cola, and many more. Musical styles have ranged from Acoustic Ballads, to Rock, to Ska, to Punk, to Dance and even Industrial Hip Hop.

He is currently working on a brand new album entitled Songs of Love and Rebellion which is due out later this year.

When he is not making music he is an active animal rights advocate working with Viva!, The Vegan Society, The Hunt Saboteurs Association, Animal Rebellion, The National Animal Rights March, and any local groups to which he can lend his support.

He has recently embarked on a new Podcast and YouTube channel – Vegan Island Radio which is dedicated to the promotion of Artists, Activists, and Everyday People who are doing their bit to promote a vegan planet.