Natalie Diebschlag

Natalie Diebschlag

Animals Asia

Having supported Animals Asia for a long time, Natalie recently joined the charity as a volunteer. With a professional background in linguistics and philosophy, she is currently undertaking a postgraduate degree in International Animal Welfare Science, Ethics and Law at the University of Edinburgh. She believes in improving animal lives through (re-) education, community building and helping humans who are involved in animal exploitation find alternative livelihoods.


An Introduction to Animals Asia

Founded in 1998, Animals Asia is devoted to ending bear bile farming, the cat and dog meat trade and the exploitation of wild animals in captivity across Asia. We work with local populations to promote compassion and respect for all animals and to bring about long-term change.
The Animals Asia team has been rescuing bears since 1994 and we operate award winning bear rescue sanctuaries in China and Vietnam; we are the only organisation with a bear sanctuary in China. In addition, our campaigns aim to educate the general public to put an end to a gruesome and unregulated dog and cat meat trade and to improve the lives of wild animals in captivity.

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