Ayrton Cooper

Ayrton Cooper

Campaigns Manager, Animal Justice Project

Ayrton is the Campaigns Manager for Animal Justice Project, having worked with the organisation since 2018. He conceives strategic pressure campaigns, targeting industry leaders and so-called ‘higher welfare’ farming standards.


This includes creating educational resources, planning national days of action, online rallies, street demonstrations, and working with our investigations team to develop tactical campaigns. He lives with a dozen rescued companion animals from cats to tortoises to guinea pigs. Ayrton has a Bachelor of Science in Zoology from the University of Nottingham with key focuses in conservation and ecology. Every week, Ayrton volunteers for the Cinnamon Trust, walking dogs, and for a vegan-ran animal sanctuary. He is also a Trustee for another wonderful sanctuary. Outside of working in animal rights, he regularly forages wild food for himself and his animals.


The RSPCA Assured smokescreen

By exploring Animal Justice Project’s investigations, I will show that assurance scheme, RSPCA Assured, is yet another smokescreen for the ‘humane’ and ‘higher welfare’ lie.

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Unifying the Vegan Movement: Collaborative Strategies for Collective Impact

Join us for an engaging panel discussion on fostering unity within the vegan movement. Discover how diverse organizations can leverage their unique skills and strengths through partnerships, alliances, and collaborations to work together towards a shared vision of a more compassionate world.


Panel Includes


Issy Acosta – Viva!

Dan Kidby – Animal Rising

Tod Bradbury – Animal Aid

Sash Joliffe – We The Free

Ayrton Cooper – Animal Justice Project


Hosted by Tim Barford – VegfestUK

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