Barbara Helen

Barbara Helen

Vegan Musician

My songs are inspired by living a vegan lifestyle and being active within the animal rights movement. I hope to illustrate and promote a contemporary view on animal rights. We are all Earthlings. I released my CD , Vegan Eyes, in 2019. You you can listen and download tracks from my Bandcamp Page and order my CD from my FB Page, Vegan Eyes.

All profit from sales funds my activism. Some testimonials:

“Barbara has a beautiful voice that reaches deep into your soul. The lyrics are poignant and inspiring and her music stays with you.” (Juliet Gellatley)

“. Barbara Helen is a charming vocalist, an accomplished guitarist and an impressive songwriter… .” (Danny Moore. R2)

“Barbara’s song, Witness, is an anthem for all who bear witness. (Anita Krajnc) “I’ve been listening to this in the car today. Beautiful lyrics and singing from the fabulous Barbara Helen. Songs don’t get anymore vegan than this!” ( Kathy Barley DATARA)

“The words of your song explain it all so perfectly it brought me to tears” (Jenny Sara, Meat The Victims.)

“Barbara was a contestant in our 2018 FXective Factor competition, which saw vegan musicians from across the UK compete for the best performance and vegan song, with judges including Rozalla and Peter Egan. Barbara finished a very credible 2nd  place overall in strong competition and her songwriting and performance abilities are joy for listeners, especially for vegans.” (Tim Barford)