Bel Jacobs

Bel Jacobs

The Empathy Project

Bel Jacobs is a former fashion editor turned speaker, writer and campaigner on climate justice, animal rights and alternative systems in fashion. She is founder of Fashion in Schools, speaking to secondary school pupils about the impact of the fashion industry and different ways to engage creatively with fashion; co-founder of Extinction Rebellion Fashion Action as well as Fashion Act Now, a campaign group calling for a managed contraction of the fashion industry. She is founder of The Empathy Project, an online platform seeking to heal the broken relationship between humans and animals as a key tenet of the transition to a more evolved future. Finally, she is co-founder of The Islington Climate Centre, a hub for social and environmental groups in North London.


What is the future of vegan fashion?

There is a huge shift happening away from the use of animals for fashion. In this talk, Bel charts latest developments in technological and culture – and asks how the consumer can help speed it all up.

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