Beth Thomas

Beth Thomas

Animal Rights Advocate at Animal Think Tank

Beth works in the Narrative team at Animal Think Tank, researching the most persuasive narratives, stories and messages that can bring us closer to Animal Freedom.


Communicating Change: A New Narrative Framework For Animal Freedom

Do your communications have the power to shape attitudes towards animal freedom? Are you using the best messaging strategies to touch hearts and minds?

In this session, Animal Think Tank will explore what narratives strategies made other freedom movements successful, and we’ll present a new narrative framework backed by public research and data-driven insight. From social progress to morality, and thoughtful dialogues around animals’ capabilities, you’ll understand how these themes can ignite empathy, reshape our interactions with other animals and change the narrative landscape for good.

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Crafting Our Cause: Storytelling for Social Change

This collaborative and inspiring workshop will offer the tools and guidance necessary to create your own persuasive messaging and story-based ideas. We will work together to craft impactful narratives that challenge the status quo and advocate for animal freedom.

Whether you’re an animal freedom advocate, work for an NGO, or are simply someone passionate about creating a more empathetic society, this workshop will equip you with the skills to tell compelling stories that drive change.

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