Bristol District Association of Healers

Bristol District Association of Healers

What is Spiritual Healing?

To many people who have received spiritual (or divine healing, as it is sometimes called) it is a wonderful experience.  Yet to many people it is still a mystery.  Although healing has been known and used for thousands of years it is, even now, not fully understood.  It is an energy which flows through a healer to the patient, but the precise nature of that energy is not yet known.  It has been studied scientifically and is capable of being measured, yet it does not conform to the generally accepted rules of physical science.
Some healers work hands-on, some with hands at a slight distance from the patient, and it can also work at a considerable distance, when it is called distant or absent healing (the patient not needing to be present).
During a healing session you may experience a pleasant feeling of warmth, sometimes cold or a tingling sensation – or you may feel nothing at all.  Many people feel wonderfully relaxed and at peace.

Do I need to have faith in healing for it to work?

No, there are many examples of people being helped who do not have faith in healing.  It often works with children and animals who do not have faith, but do trust the healer.

What can healing do for the patient?

It can speed up the natural healing resources of the mind and body.  It can also bring a calmness and peace to the spirit.  It is not an alternative to medical treatments but complementary and patients should continue to consult their doctor.  If the healing is given side by side with the medical or surgical treatments it can lesson shock and assist recovery time. On occasions, these natural healing treatments produce unexpected beneficial results.