Claire Lynch

Claire Lynch

Dietician, PBHPUK

Having been a nurse and then a stay-at-home mum, Claire re-trained as a dietitian. She has worked in the NHS as a community and a diabetes dietitian. Currently, as a freelance dietitian and the Education Lead for Plant Based Health Professionals, Claire is focused on empowering people with the knowledge and skills needed to begin transforming lives through positive diet and lifestyle changes, and particularly through the power of a whole food plant based diet.


Thriving on a vegan diet: meeting nutritional requirements, and discovering practical ways to build in plant-based wholefoods and be a healthy weight

Learn about how you can thrive on a 100% plant-based diet. First, a Registered Dietitian will discuss key nutrients of concern, and how you can meet your needs for these nutrients. A Plant-Based Health Coach and Expert Speaker will then go on to teach easy ways to stay a healthy weight with delicious plant-based food. Learn practical tips for building these foods into your life in an enjoyable & truly healthy way.

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