Claire Ogley

Claire Ogley

The Vegan Society

Claire Ogley is Head of Campaigns, Policy and Research for the Vegan Society. She sets the strategy for the team. Prior to this role, Claire worked for a political consultancy, providing strategic advice, stakeholder engagement and analysis of politics and media to a number of clients, specialising in the health, FMCG, charity and tech sectors.


Unifying the Vegan Movement: Collaborative Strategies for Collective Impact

Join us for an engaging panel discussion on fostering unity within the vegan movement. Discover how diverse organizations can leverage their unique skills and strengths through partnerships, alliances, and collaborations to work together towards a shared vision of a more compassionate world.



Laila Kassam (Animal Think Tank)

Alistair Stewart (Plant Based Universities)

Lia Phillips (Plant Based Treaty)

A Sab (Hunt Sabs)

Claire Ogley (The Vegan Society)

Hosted by Tim Barford (VegfestUK)



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