Cookery Demo Theatre

Cookery Demo Theatre

Winter Warmers with Chef Claire

Join Chef Claire to learn some warming, nutritious and tasty one-pot dishes. Soups, stews and tips on batch cooking and cooking for one.


Cooking for One at Christmas with Chef Justina

No need to miss out if you find yourself alone this Christmas. V for Life Cookery School Chef, Justina is here with some fantastic, festive recipes for one. Minimal effort but maximum taste.



‘What To Do With Pumpkins? Fondue!’ by Tony Bishop-Weston


Vegan chef Tony Bishop Weston – author of numerous vegan cookbooks – makes a pumpkin Fondue!



‘A Vegan, Gluten Free Pineapple, Coconut & Chocolate Crumble’ by Danielle Maupertuis

How to use the main vegan substitutes in Pastry: cream, spread, milk, thickener…



‘Foods For Positive Mental Health’ by Juliette Bryant

Join Juliette Bryant as she talks to you about some of the key foods to consume and avoid in order to support positive mental health.



‘Wild Foods & How To Use Them’ by Juliette Bryant

Join Juliette Bryant as she talks to you about how you can optimise your health by adding in wild foods. She will talk about her favourite wild foods and herbs and how you can easily integrate them into your life.



‘Plant-Based Persian Feast’ by LivingveggiebyAnia

Let me take you on a culinary journey to magical Persia. I will show you how to prepare famous Persian stew – Fesenjan. It’s a perfect dish for a family gathering or fancy dinner party. A unique blend of walnuts, pomegranate and cinnamon are the base of this dish. (Gluten free).



‘Spice It Up! Gujurati Daal – A Flavour Bomb!’ by Nishma Shah

Join Nishma Shah, Chef and Cookery Tutor of Shambhu’s, to learn to make delicious nutritious Gujarati daal (gluten-free dish). Gujarati daal is slow cooked using pigeon peas. It has a combination of infused sweet, sour and spicy flavours from the many spices and herbs used.



‘Decorating a Vegan Cake’ by Sara Kidd

Cake decorating demo for a Naked Chocolate Cake with Fudge and a simple flower arrangement.



‘4 Different Types Of Chocolate Moouse’ by Tony Bishop-Weston

In this video Tony Bishop-Weston demonstrates how to make 4 different types of Chocolate Moouse dessert:

1. Chocolate moouse using aquafaba
2. Chocolate moouse using Oatly! custard
3. Old-fashioned toffee-chocolate moouse using tofu
4. Raw chocolate moouse with avocado & cacao



‘Lox & Schmear Bagels’ by Zacchary Bird

In this cookery demo Zacchary Bird shows how you can veganise Lox & Schmear Bagels. This simple recipe is from his brand new book “Vegan Junk Food: A Down & Dirty Cookbook”.