Dan Kidby

Dan Kidby

Animal Rising

Dan Kidby is Co-Founder of Animal Rising and Plant Based Universities. This work has seen him rescue beagle puppies from MBR Acres animal testing facility, get onto the tracks of the Grand National, and appear on Good Morning Britain. His work is grounded in extensive research into social movement theory and a decade of campaigning experience. His work is grounded in a philosophy of principled nonviolence.


Unifying the Vegan Movement: Collaborative Strategies for Collective Impact

Join us for an engaging panel discussion on fostering unity within the vegan movement. Discover how diverse organizations can leverage their unique skills and strengths through partnerships, alliances, and collaborations to work together towards a shared vision of a more compassionate world.


Panel Includes


Issy Acosta – Viva!

Dan Kidby – Animal Rising

Tod Bradbury – Animal Aid

Sash Joliffe – We The Free

Ayrton Cooper – Animal Justice Project


Hosted by Tim Barford – VegfestUK

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Animal Rising: Transforming Our Food System.

Animal Rising has created national conversation about the need to transition towards a plant based food system with our bold nonviolent action such as blockading McDonalds Distribution Centres, Stopping the Supply of Dairy to UK Supermarket shelves, and Disrupting the Grand National. We have also formed grassroots movements for Plant Based Universities and Councils which are doing the impossible by passing motions for 100% Plant Based Catering. And we are even building relationships with the farming communities to break down barriers.
This talk from Animal Rising Co-Founder, Dan Kidby, will reflect on the last four years, explain our strategies of nonviolence and transformative change, and explore where our movement should go from here.

Together As One Stage full timetable