Dean Rees-Evans MSc

Dean Rees-Evans MSc

Psychological Well-Being Mentor

Dean Rees-Evans MSc is a Psychological Well-Being Mentor, counselor, teacher, researcher and International Public Speaker. He has been vegan since 1990, and vegetarian for a number of years before that.


Dean has always had a deep and personal interest in physical health and psychological wellbeing. He loves running, exercising with weights, Bush walking, and outdoor adventure sites. He has read extensively on many aspects of natural health, writes poems and has a love of poetry, and literature. His first degree was in English Literature, and Drama. Dean also has a great love of a wide variety of music.


After completing training in 2004 with the eminent Californian psychologist, the late Dr. Roger Mills, Dean has been mentoring and counseling individuals, couples, families and conducts trainings in schools, hospitals and business. He has extensive experience with teenagers and published his first book in 2021: The Great Remembering: Turning the World Inside out, (a wellbeing book for teens of all ages) and has just competed his second book Annibalism: Vegan Solutionaries Rising (a spiritual exploration of Veganism with a theme of wellbeing threading it way throughout the book).


Dean has a gentle approach that guides individuals to discover and uncover their own psychological wellbeing and natural resilience. Pointing constantly towards the health that we all have inside of us, rather than focusing on the specific problems or difficulties of life, Dean helps clients see how to overcome the many obstacles life may throw at us.


Dean received his MSc after conducting a successful research pilot study at a UK high school working with both staff and pupils. He is currently the only Australian based researcher to have explored the three psychological principles of Mind, Consciousness, and Thought. The Three Principles is a dynamic, insight-based approach that focuses upon the natural and innate health that lies within all humans. Dean’s pioneering research revealed incredible increases in psychological happiness and wellbeing of a highly significant nature.


Dean established Three Principles: Well-Being for Life in 2005 and conducts training and consulting with schools, hospitals, businesses, individuals, couples and families.


Accessing a Peaceful Mind on the Vegan Superhighway of life

Calling all Vegans.

One of the biggest challenges for vegans today is to maintain a peaceful mind within the context of dire and massive suffering we all know is going on around us in the world. If you are looking gain more peace of mind in your life, this talk/workshop is for you.

If you want to know how to uncover positive changes in your life, with an ease that does not require learning practices, techniques or applications, then come along to hear more. Psychological health is our birthright, and it is accessible just below the content of our current thinking.

It is my aim to help as many people gain a deeper understanding of their own innate psychological wellbeing. At a fundamental level, we all have a core of mental health. If more vegans can tap into this core and become stronger, healthier and more psychologically balanced, we are on the path to a vibrant and dynamic world with a potentially much brighter future.

Dean has just completed his second book: Annibalism: Vegan Solutionaries Rising, which should be available during the weekend.

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