Dilan Fernando

Dilan Fernando

Animal Think Tank

In 2019, Dilan Fernando left a promising career in banking to do whatever it takes to win Animal Freedom. He’s now a founding member of Animal Think Tank, where he’s building a people-powered organising movement for animals. Previously, Dilan served as Media Coordinator at Animal Rebellion.

Originally from Australia, he also founded the Monash University Vegan Society and Young Voices for Animals. In his spare time, you’ll usually find Dilan noodling around on his guitar, nerding out about weightlifting, or running offline dating events in his new home of Lancaster.


Find Your Place In The Animal Freedom Movement

Want to do more for animals but don’t know how? Do you struggle to see yourself doing the usual things activists do? Or maybe you’re active but feel it’s not quite enough? This interactive workshop will explore how you can step into your power and contribute to the movement in your own authentic way. All backgrounds and personalities welcome – no experience necessary!

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