Dominica Collis

Dominica Collis


Dominica is a medical herbalist, naturopath and nutritional therapist who combines the power of different modalities to create a long-lasting health improvement for her clients. In her approach, she addresses the whole person, not just their symptoms. She has been regularly sharing her experience through regular workshops, courses and talks in the UK and Europe, where she teaches nutrition, herbal medicine and plant-based cooking. Her particular interest is digestive and hormonal health.


Beat the bloat - bringing our gut health into balance with herbal medicine

Do you suffer from bloating, irregular bowel movements, pain or cramping? Have you been diagnosed with IBS or IRRITABLE bowel syndrome where your life continues to revolve around your symptoms? Do you notice that stress or anxiety make your symptoms worse?
Learn simple and practical ways to immediately begin supporting your digestion daily with herbs! Dominica will be discussing ways to promote digestive enzyme release and breakdown of food, how to support a healthy microbiome, also to combat the impact stress has on your digestive processes.

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