Dr Chidi

Dr Chidi

Lifestyle Doctor

Trained in Surgery, General Practice & Lifestyle Medicine at Cambridge, UCL & Johns Hopkins USA.

He is a Founding Director of the European Society of Lifestyle Medicine (now ELMO). He has over 20 years of experience as a national and international Health and Wellness speaker including a TEDx talk on Reversing Disease (2013).

As well as lecturing at Columbia, John’s Hopkins, & Cambridge universities, he has also spoken, or chaired conferences, at Loma Linda, Andrews University, and La Sierra,

He has advised the current UK Government and opposition party on Covid19 and its effects on different ethnic groups. He is working with GP groups in London to reverse diabetes in their patients. He continues to advise the Nigerian Federal Government on health issues.

He has spent 6 years as a director for Health, and 6 years as a director for Men’s issues for a national charity. He was the medical, editor & contributor to Europe’s most popular health magazine,Top Santé, and contributes to The Daily Express, The Daily Mail, The Times, Telegraph, The Mirror, ELLE, Men’s Health and many more

TV regular medical expert on ITV’s “Good Morning Britain”
BBC TV health shows such as “Food: Truth or Scare?”
Regular news reviewer on SKY Newspaper review
And BBC Radio London Newspaper review with Vanessa Feltz
Author of the upcoming “Restoring Health, Reversing Disease” series of books (2023).

He is the director & founder of a Lifestyle Medicine Clinic on Harley St & founded two successful & award-winning healthy restaurants, “Plant”, in Soho, London to encourage healthy eating.

In 2016 he received a national award in leadership for his work on reversing disease. He also serves as ambassador for the organisation PlantBased Health Professionals UK. He features in the Amazon & Apple TV film “The End of Medicine” (2022) as the health & wellness expert.

His passion is to Reverse, Improve or Prevent many chronic illnesses including Heart disease, Arthritis, Diabetes and many more, with his unique programme “Life Colours”. His mission: “To bring Health, Healing, & Hope” to our global communities. Since the Pandemic started, he continues to do infrequent shifts in the Emergency Department.


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The wholistic approach to preventing and reversing diabetes. How our Meals, Movement, and Mindset are key to total healing, and freedom from the disease.

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