Dr Ishani Rao

Dr Ishani Rao

GP trainee and emergency medic

Dr Ishani Rao is a final year NHS GP trainee and emergency medic moving into humanitarian and conservation medicine. She has a small charity called Buckets of Love that does good deeds whilst having a lot of fun. Her time is spent between volunteering, her job, cuddling her rescue cat, dancing with her friends and her masters in Global Health Policy. She has recently done 10 NHS talks about plant-based diets and sustainability, and has spoken at large festivals such as Vegan Camp Out and Yogific. A talk about burnout in animal activists was really well received for Animal Rebellion recently. She is keen to share with you her interesting experiences in medicine and regarding mental health.


Dr Ishani Rao

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Scientific evidence to argue a case for veganism

GP and conservation medic Dr Ishani Rao presents the scientific evidence that she uses to educate the NHS about the benefits of a vegan diet. She hopes that this talk will equip you with the facts to best argue a case for adopting a plant-based diet

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Your mental health: an interactive discussion

Come and share your thoughts, experiences and perceptions of veganism and mental health in an interactive discussion! A medical doctor with a background in mental health, women’s health and conservation will be facilitating this discussion and Q&A session. The workshops have been incredibly well received at previous conferences and festivals, with brilliant topics being discussed; especially relevant during a time where mental health issues are on the rise. The discussion will focus specifically on veganism and activism mental health, burnout prevention and psychological well-being.

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Mental health for activists

A well-received session that is interactive and engages the audience about vegan activist mental health. Activism comes in many forms including writing, music, theatre, outreach and bringing people together with events, so this is a session about how we can best look after ourselves and eachother to avoid burnout.

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