Dr Laila Kassam

Dr Laila Kassam

Animal Think Tank

Laila is a co-founder of Animal Think Tank, a grassroots organisation building a social movement for Animal Freedom in the UK. She is co-editor of a new book called “Rethinking Food and Agriculture: New Ways Forward” which envisions a truly just and sustainable food system. Laila has been involved in social change for most of her career having previously worked in the international development sector for 15 years. She has an MSc in Development Management and a PhD in Development Economics.


How We Win Animal Freedom

This talk is for people who want to think big and get inspired. Drawn from cutting-edge research on mass movements and civil disobedience, this talk introduces some key concepts, principles and strategies, for building a powerful mass movement that can achieve transformative change for fellow animals. The talk will share ways that Animal Think Tank, a grassroots social movement organisation, is using these ideas to help build a mass movement for Animal Freedom in the UK.


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Unifying the Vegan Movement: Collaborative Strategies for Collective Impact

Join us for an engaging panel discussion on fostering unity within the vegan movement. Discover how diverse organizations can leverage their unique skills and strengths through partnerships, alliances, and collaborations to work together towards a shared vision of a more compassionate world.



Laila Kassam (Animal Think Tank)

Alistair Stewart (Plant Based Universities)

Lia Phillips (Plant Based Treaty)

A Sab (Hunt Sabs)

Claire Ogley (The Vegan Society)

Hosted by Tim Barford (VegfestUK)



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