Dr Surabhika Lunawat

Dr Surabhika Lunawat

General Practice Specialty Trainee

Dr Surabhika Lunawat is a general practice specialty registrar, currently based in the West Midlands. She studied medicine at the University of Liverpool, with a Master’s degree in clinical neuroscience from University College London, being awarded a distinction. Having embraced veganism in 2018, her subsequent calling to lifestyle medicine and, specifically plant-based nutrition, prompted her to change her career path and, more importantly, her own life. She has completed a plant-based nutrition course at the University of Winchester and has become a certified lifestyle medicine physician after achieving the diploma in lifestyle medicine with the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine.


Her keen interest in academic medicine and medical education has honed her ability to translate scientific literature into bite-sized actionable learning points. She uses this to passionately promote the power of plants to prevent and reverse chronic lifestyle-related diseases to her patients. In her spare time, she educates wider audiences about the science behind plant-based nutrition through social media and local and international speaking engagements. She also created and leads a successful physician-led walking group of over one hundred members within her local community, where she delivers educational talks on whole food plant-based nutrition, among other health-related topics.


Plant-based diets: where is the real evidence?

In this talk we’ll systematically lay bare the compelling scientific evidence behind a whole food plant-based diet in relation to most major chronic diseases, with a personal story.

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