Eloísa Trinidad

Eloísa Trinidad

Eloísa Trinidad is a total liberation activist and organizer focusing on animal rights and human rights. She approaches liberation praxis and veganism with an anti-colonial framework to raise awareness of how Western colonialism has affected and continues to affect the plight of more-than-human persons and human persons, and how it has changed the food system and our relationship with each other and to the natural world.


As a food justice activist, she focuses on making veganism accessible to communities in need through her work at Chilis on Wheels. Recently, she started pandemic relief efforts that led to providing ongoing assistance to public school students and to hundreds of families across New York City’s most impoverished and food insecure neighborhoods.


Eloísa is Co-founder and Director at Vegan Activist Alliance, Co-host of the Livegan podcast, On the Board of Directors at Plant Powered Metro NY, and on Advisory Council at The Vegan Museum.


She is NYC Chapter President at Hip Hop is Green, a vegan organization that supports the transformation of urban youth and their communities through veganism, music, and the arts.


Eloísa’s path towards activism and veganism started early in life. She was raised by centennials who lived off the land, taught her to be self-sustainable, and passed down much ancestral knowledge to her. This shaped her views of empathy for all Beings, protection of our sacred Earth, and the belief in the healing power of plants.


She lives in New York City, thinks animals are the greatest ever, and her favorite food is fruit.