Health & Fitness

Health & Fitness

‘The 2 Big Questions Everyone Has About Being Vegan’ by Jason Fonger


Jason, from Toronto, Canada has put together this talk for us on 2 big questions everyone has about being vegan. Jason is a passionate educator, popular social media content creator and elite level triathlete. He hosts The Vegan Champion Podcast and speaks to schools, colleges, universities and other groups about health and fitness. You can find out more about Jason on his website:



‘Rainbow Yoga Magic: A Family Yoga Class’ by Rainbow Yoga


Rainbow Yoga is a fun and constantly evolving family mission. Rainbow was lovingly born in 2007, with the mission of nothing less than making the world a better place!
By giving people the tools to teach fun, engaging, and creative yoga classes for kids, teens, families, partners and communities, we bring people together and educate them about kindness.

‘Vegan Supplements’ by Tomm Melody


If Veganism ever comes up in conversation it’s never long before the word “deficiencies” is also brought up. Going vegan can be a very confusing time and you would be forgiven for thinking that in order to “stay healthy” you need to reach for a large jar of supplements.


Fortunately, things aren’t quite that complicated and in reality, a well planned healthy vegan diet requires minimal supplementation. In this presentation lifestyle coach Tomm Melody explains how you can use Vegan Supplements to achieve your healthiest vegan life.



‘Plant Based Nutrition: How It’s Going To Change Your Life’ by Olivier Mankondo


 “Every species on Earth has a specific diet and we, human beings as a race, are not different. In this highly inspirational talk, I’m going to show your audience the specific diet adapted to the human mechanism, which will give people perfect health. You will be able to know how I’ve lost 5 1⁄2 stone within 9 months and will also be able to know the root cause of all the chronic diseases and how the self-healing machine which is the human body, can prevent, stop and even reverse these conditions. I will present a high-energy, thought-provoking talk to encourage your audience to adopt new concepts and conquer new challenges. They will be empowered with this powerful knowledge and tools that they can instantly put into practice to enhance their lives.” – Olivier Mankondo


‘My Experience With Long COVID’ by Ellie Busby


Ellie tells her story of long COVID as a nutritionist and presenting the evidence on how a plant-based vegan diet can be used to help treat COVID. For more information from Ellie visit the website



‘Why Adopting a Vegan Lifestyle Takes Performance & Recovery To Another Level’ by Dave Sheahan


In this talk I will share my personal story of how adopting a vegan lifestyle on 1/1/12 had a dramatic impact on both my performance and recovery as a triathlete including how it has near eliminated injuries and speeds my recovery on the odd occasion I have had an injury. I will also share why going vegan will positively impact anyone´s training results no matter what the goal. I will outline the reasons why a vegan lifestyle improves both performance and recovery as well as giving the audience some simple easy to implement step by step guidelines in successfully adopting a vegan lifestyle.