Heather Landex

Heather Landex

Food Inclusivity 'Coach-sultant'

Heather is an international best-selling author on the topic of food inclusivity. Her book “Inclusive: The New Exclusive. How The Food Service Industry Can STOP Leaving Money On The Table”, shows food & hospitality professionals how to attract & serve more customers, reduce risk & liability, increase revenue & create raving fans.


As a vegan with food allergies & intolerances with an extensive work experience as a food safety auditor in restaurants & hotels in several countries, Heather has a very unique perspective. The food safety enforcement, food & beverage staff & customer perspectives. Heather is on purpose bringing the perspectives together.


Having trained 1000s of food professionals in food safety, & working in dozens of food & beverage roles since working age, Heather now chooses to up the standards on allergy safety, particularly in the vegan & plant-based arena where the most misunderstanding & dangers arise.


Food inclusivity is about deliberately considering people normally excluded from eating out (of the home). It is not only in restaurants & hotels where people are excluded, mistreated or put in danger (or left hungry), it is in workplaces, events, community groups, & institutions (childminders, care homes, hospitals, schools, universities). In Heather’s opinion, it is easy to improve the standards for the status quo. In most cases, restaurants (& food outlets) have a communication problem rather than a compliance problem.