Hector Bateman-Harden (10) is a talented, quirky British actor who found his love for and commitment to acting when he was just five years old.


Hector has filmed significant roles in both television and film, including ‘Young Frankie’ in “Homeless Ashes” and ‘Young Holmes’ in the 2018 feature film “Holmes and Watson” starring Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly.  May2019 saw Hector wrap his longest role on set as series regular ‘Giles’ in Mindy Kaling’s limited series “Four Weddings and a Funeral” which premiered on Hulu.


Hector says the best piece of advice he received during filming is to “stick to being true to yourself and the choices you have made”.


When not in front of the camera, Hector loves spending time with an array of family pets as well as the discovery and watching of his local and garden wildlife. He is a strong advocate of animal welfare and elephant conservation, proactive supporter of charities Born Free and Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting and has even adopted an elephant and tiger.


Supporting his compassion for animals, Hector is a committed Vegan and enjoys contributing to the planning and preparation of the family’s meals. He cooks a mean crispy tofu chilli.


Hector also enjoys a whole heap of activities including archery, fencing, tennis, golf, rifle target shooting, his Play Station 4 and building anything his imagination can conceive from Lego.


Hector works between London where he’s represented by Vivienne Clore, and Los Angeles where he’s represented by Luber Roklin Entertainment.


His complete resume can be found here on Spotlight or here on IMDb.