Issy Acosta

Issy Acosta


Issy joined Viva! as a Campaigner in 2023. She is responsible for building and creating campaigns that will provide a voice for the animals and help end their exploitation. Issy went vegan in 2019, realising the love she felt for her companion dog, Lily, was the same love all other animals deserved. She was working within the fitness industry at that time and educated people that one can be healthy, strong and vegan.


While working full time, she volunteered with an array of animal and climate organisations, until starting in her role at Viva!.


She’s passionate about creating a kinder world for all – notably the millions of animals that are being killed behind closed doors, but also for the environment and the health and wellbeing of people.


The Dark Side of Dairy

Cows produce milk to feed their babies – just like humans. It flows for the best part of a year and then stops. More milk requires more babies. That’s the reality of dairy farming – the visible, obvious side of the industry. But there is another, cruel, much darker side to dairy which few see and even fewer know about. Viva! uncovered the industry’s dirty secrets by going undercover.

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Unifying the Vegan Movement: Collaborative Strategies for Collective Impact

Join us for an engaging panel discussion on fostering unity within the vegan movement. Discover how diverse organizations can leverage their unique skills and strengths through partnerships, alliances, and collaborations to work together towards a shared vision of a more compassionate world.


Panel Includes


Issy Acosta – Viva!

Dan Kidby – Animal Rising

Tod Bradbury – Animal Aid

Sash Joliffe – We The Free

Ayrton Cooper – Animal Justice Project


Hosted by Tim Barford – VegfestUK

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