John Awen

John Awen

John Awen is a multiple published author, a Vegan nutritionist and a public speaker who has frequently given talks up and down the UK at Vegan Festivals over the years.
John is a dedicated Vegan and is committed to helping create a much kinder world for all beings.


Campaigning as an older vegan

Whether it’s about wanting a better world, or simply making sure that our own dietary needs are taken care of, we vegans can be a demanding lot. Most of us are passionate about our veganism, and about the many and varied causes it can connect with. There are as many ways to campaign as an older vegan as there are older vegans, and this panel discussion features three people who, between them, have just about seen it all. Join us for an interactive hour to explore the many and varied ways we can campaign for what we believe in – whether you want to share your own stories, or pick the brains of our panellists.

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