Josephine Robinson

Josephine Robinson


Before becoming an Animal Rights Activist, I had a furnishing business making high end curtains, blinds and bedding. My passion was for beautiful furnishing fabrics. I raised two wonderful daughters and we always had a house full of dogs. I was an ‘animal lover’ but I ate animals and never gave it a thought.

I was well into my fifties when I met a vegan for the first time. We became friends and the example they set changed my life forever. No horrific footage on my early journey. Just exposure to a calm and compassionate way of vegan living by being kind to all kind. By my friend’s example, I slowly navigated making changes to my diet, clothing, household cleaning materials and lifestyle.

On the 29th March 2016 I finally gave up putting honey in my tea. My last weakness. At first, I felt the satisfaction of believing I was doing as much as I possibly could for the Animals by going vegan myself but not for long. My vegan friend went to Canada that summer where they discovered the Animal Save Movement and went to a Toronto Pig Save vigil. Lifechanging! Bristol Animal Save was founded and had its first vigil for the Pigs in November 2016. Glastonbury Animal Save was founded in 2018 and had its first vigil for the Cows.

I now work with global and UK teams to promote the Plant Based Treaty.


How to become a vegan lobbyist with Plant Based Treaty.

What is Plant Based Treaty ? Why should cities sign up.

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3pm - 4pm

Introduction to Local Activism

This panel looks at local activism with some introductions to what’s going on in the Bristol & West Country area from a number of vegan and animal rights groups, to help encourage more participation and engagement with local activism.


Bristol Animal Rights Day

Vegan Compassion Group

Plant Based Councils

We The Free

Plant Based Treaty

+ more TBC

Hosted by Tim Barford

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How do we win a Plant Based Treaty: A Discussion on Community Campaigning and Individual Action

Join us for an inspiring panel discussion on how you can contribute to the campaign for a Plant Based Treaty and promote greener, healthier plant-based living in your community. Learn from passionate activists and organizers about the tools, training, and support network provided by the Plant Based Treaty to empower individuals and groups in implementing plant-based solutions at the local level.

In this session, we will explore the demands of the Plant Based Treaty and dive into the available materials and resources to support your campaigning efforts. Learn how to take action including, lobby elected officials and promote plant-based menus, and establish rewilding initiatives, orchards, and community kitchen gardens.

Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, learn valuable strategies for effective campaigning, and contribute to the momentum building for a global Plant Based Treaty.

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