Julie Stewart

Julie Stewart

Registered Nutritionist and Pharmacy Technician

Julie Stewart (NT Dip; MAPharmT) is a registered Nutritionist and Pharmacy Technician.

Combining over 25 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical profession with an interest in nutritional science led Julie to study naturopathic nutritional therapy and ignited her fascination in the world of nutrigenomics – how food has the power to influence our genes.
Discovering using food as medicine for herself, going from obesity and a host of chronic diseases in her 30’s, to being medication-free and fitter than ever in her 50’s, Julie decided to swap dispensing pharmaceuticals and start prescribing food to her patients.

Balancing her time between private clients and NHS commitments, Julie offers 1:1 support for those seeking nutritional guidance for a wide range of chronic conditions and those who want to improve their health and fitness.

Julie is passionate about coaching those seeking safe and effective transition to a whole food plant-based way of eating. There’s nothing she loves more than seeing people reach their fitness goals and find freedom from years of being sick, tired and unmotivated.

More importantly, supporting clients to sustain their new lifestyle, helping them find the tools they already possess within themselves to become masters of their own body to live their best life!

One of her professional goals is to bridge the gap between mainstream allopathic medicine and complementary medicine, through integrated health services, supporting patients to self-manage their conditions and ultimately take a preventive approach to healthcare.


It's Never Too Late!

Imagine what it would be like if you awoke each day feeling great with a clear head, more energy, and a calm, focused state of mind.

Julie takes a holistic, personalised approach to health, for those seeking whole Body/Mind/Spirit health, fitness, radiance & vitality, knowing that it’s never too late to start!

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